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Take Iguazio Out for a Spin in the Cloud!

Adi Hirschtein | August 7, 2018


Iguazio's Real-time Analytics and AI Now Available for Trial in the Cloud

We are excited to announce Iguazio is now offering a 14-day free trial of our platform's cloud version. Experience real-time performance across multi-variant data sets and accelerate the delivery of intelligent applications without the cost and capacity limitations of in-memory technologies with Iguazio's cloud trial.

In this first step we are providing the option to spawn up a cluster for evaluation. Later this year we will continue to gradually unveil Iguazio’s cloud offering with a more robust setup that is also suitable for production environments.

What’s in the cluster?

The trial allows for the ingestion of data via multiple protocols, its enrichment with historical or ops data, running AI and serving with standard APIs. Iguazio's trial environment is currently intended for building prototypes and demonstrating our functionality. Users receive access to the following data services and integrated open-source frameworks running on top of Kubernetes:

  • Iguazio's real-time multi-model database (SQL, NoSQL, streaming, time series, object)
  • Nuclio serverless functions (for custom ingestion, AI and triggers)
  • Spark (over Kuberenetes!) and Zeppelin for integrated data analytics
  • SQL APIs (using Presto)
  • AWS-compatible object, streaming and NoSQL APIs

By default, the cluster is deployed with a demo app that simulates a ride hailing application. This simulation includes a real-time heatmap that shows supply and demand for drivers and passengers. It’s a great example of a typical real-time application.

A heatmap in Iguazio's cloud trial

What makes the Iguazio cloud unique?

Iguazio is the only vendor that provides all the building blocks for real-time applications in a single click. Users stream data directly to Iguazio without the need to spawn up a streaming cluster and then analyze the data in real-time using multiple frameworks and APIs.

Iguazio’s unique data modeling enables users to ingest data through Rest APIs and then access the data with Spark or Presto for further analysis. Build a modern pipeline with function as a service and database as a service - data is stored once and is then accessible from various APIs in real-time.

The solution includes a simple user interface for managing the Iguazio cluster. Dashboards provide a view of the cluster and management tools to create containers, view performance stats, manage users, create and manage functions and more.

Key benefits of the cloud trial environment

Focus on code rather than deploying and managing a complicated environment. We’ve done all the work for you by setting up a cutting edge technology environment with a serverless framework, advanced data services and analytics tools running on top of a Kuberenetes cluster. Build an application prototype without wasting time on deploying and managing a complicated environment.

Who should try it?

The platform is suitable for a wide range of use cases, such as data center monitoring, cyber security, ticker analysis, real-time customer 360, real-time recommendations, IoT predictive analytics.

What’s next?

Kicking the tires is just the beginning. Iguazio is known for its high performance, yet the trial environment is mainly for building prototypes and demonstrating Iguazio’s functionalities. Our team is happy to provide information about Iguazio’s performance as the end goal is to deploy production applications.

Launching a product is always exciting and we look forward to your input, feedback and insights as we prepare Iguazio's cloud offering with a more robust setup for production applications, which is due out later this year. Feel free to reach out to us at

Now go and play !

Adi Hirschtein

Iguazio's Director of Product Management