Leverage real-time insights to nurture your biggest asset – your customer base. Iguazio’s Continuous Data Platform lets you follow your customers across multiple systems, understand and predict their needs and interact with them accordingly in real-time, to increase conversions, maintain loyalty and reduce churn.


  • Continuous insights on users
  • Real-time personalized recommendations sent to users
  • Predictive analytics forecasting user behavior
  • High speed ingestion of large data volumes from various sources


  • Variety: Correlating multiple data sources in real-time
  • Real-time actions: Automating personalized communication with users
  • Predictive analytics: Running machine-learning algorithms on fresh and historical user behavior

Our Solution

Iguazio enables customers to apply sophisticated machine-learning algorithms on fresh and historical user behavior gathered from clickstream, location and more. Insights are served with real-time dashboards and intimate interaction with users, continuously offering personalized content, relevant products and support across different media properties.  The platform not only provides real-time analytics and actions, but also the ability to make predictions regarding expected user behavior and trending pages. These forecasts determine the likelihood of conversions by grouping users in homogenous cohorts and are certified with back testing. Users identified as “at risk” are proactively approached with relevant targeted content.

Iguazio is designed to enable simultaneous access for different types of data in real-time, thereby reducing the cost and accelerating data processing. These faster analytics are powering immediate decision making regarding which content is served to whom, resulting in more engaged customers. Simple, fast and secure – the Iguazio Continuous Data Platform accelerates the deployment of a variety of analytics services, eliminating data pipeline complexities and reducing time to insights from hours to seconds. This is crucial for companies that can now personalize content based on real-time user behaviors.