Data is a key asset for modern organizations. It is stored in silos per business unit, or in many application-specific platforms and doesn’t provide organizations with the ability to drive maximum benefit out of it. Data in the modern digital world comes in many different forms and shapes: it can be structured or unstructured; arrive in streams; or be stored in records or files. This no longer fits the traditional data warehouse or data lake approach.

New platforms are needed to store and index a variety of data types at large volumes, while maximizing both cost and performance. Such platforms need to address data security, governance and lifecycle management. To become successful, they must integrate with existing systems and modern analytics tools, providing maximal usability and collaboration across organizations.


  • Store, index and manage all your data in one high-performance, scalable, secure and automated Data Platform as a Service
  • Enable secure data sharing with fine-grained multi-layered policies
  • Support petabytes of data at low costs and high density
  • Deliver magnitudes faster time to insights and data ingestion
  • Analyze and back up all your data through realtime change data capture
  • Organize the data using realtime data catalogs and metadata-based search and policies
  • Simplify operations and data governance through automated data lifecycle management
  • A cloud-like PaaS model allowing rapid development of new data applications


  • Secure sharing – providing data scientists and application developers access to data while ensuring it is not exposed, abused or manipulated
  • Complexity – solutions today include many diverse parts, require custom development, long integrations and manual processes, and lack enterprise usability
  • Variety – storing and indexing multiple types of data
  • Velocity – storing, searching, and analyzing large or live content at high-speeds
  • Volume – storing massive amounts of data cost effectively
  • Management – finding, tracking, documenting, cataloging, and governing data

Our Solution

iguazio delivers  a next generation real-time data lake which can store and index multiple data types, support a variety of APIs and provide fine-grained security to enable secure data sharing. The iguazio platform is extremely fast and incorporates analytics and data manipulation acceleration features. It is designed with maximum efficiency and density to drive the lowest total costs.

iguazio delivers a fully integrated platform, managed and used like a cloud service to provide best usability with simpler development, deployment and operation overhead. It supports standard APIs and is natively integrated with popular analytics platforms like Hadoop, Spark and Elasticsearch.

iguazio eliminates ETLs and stores a real-time and synchronized copy of external databases by integrating with CDC (Change Data Capture) tools, allowing analytics across all corporate data and using a single large scale and high-performance system. Captured data can also serve as a backup to those operational databases.

iguazio simplifies data management, security and governance. All the data and metadata is indexed, tagged and cataloged in realtime, based on user/API inputs or content. Data is searched or governed based on its metadata. The iguazio platform delivers unmatched fine-grained security where data access or auditing can be enforced, using multi-layered network, identity, metadata or content based policies. Data lifecycle is managed through high-level policies enabling customers to meet compliance regulations with minimal overhead and errors.