Components, Services, and Development Ecosystem

The Iguazio Data Science Platform (“the platform”) is an open platform that includes standard open-source analytics and machine-learning tools and integrates seamlessly with popular and industry-standard data frameworks and applications. The platform features an extremely fast multi-model data layer, but also allows access to external data sources — such as relational database management systems (RDBMSs), traditional Hadoop “data lakes”, and AWS S3 — and provides a variety of interfaces for accessing your data. All this — combined with its core driver’s indexing, processing, and pre-aggregation capabilities and a friendly user interface — amount to a powerful high-performance data science platform, built for production, with platform as a service (PaaS) ease of use. The provided turnkey solution is used by customers looking for a single platform that supports, facilities, and expedites the implementation of a full data science pipeline — including data collection and exploration, building and training of machine-learning (ML) models, and deployment of models and applications into production. This section introduces the platform’s main components and services and the overall development ecosystem.