The Dashboard

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The dashboard is the platform’s graphical user interface and is also your entry point to your platform cluster. Go to the dashboard URL from any web browser and log in with your platform login credentials. The dashboard allows you to manage and monitor platform activity — including the ability to view and browse the contents of data containers, create and delete containers, add and delete data objects, manage users and application services, set security rules, and monitor performance. Note especially the following dashboard pages:

  • Home — contains useful links to help you get started with common tasks.

  • Services — displays information about application services for the logged-in with options to create, run, configure, monitor, enable, disable, restart, and delete services from a single interface. (Note that the available capabilities depend on the permissions of the logged-in user.) For more information, see Application Services and Tools.

    Except where otherwise specified, when you open a service from the dashboard you are automatically logged into the service as the active dashboard user. Note that you need to add a security exception upon the first login to any of the HTTPS URLs.

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