The Zeppelin Service

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Apache Zeppelin is an open-source web platform for performing interactive data analytics. Zeppelin is preinstalled in the platform and available as a user application service. You can use Zeppelin to create data-driven and interactive Scala, Java, Python, or R applications that run over Apache Spark, as well as run Spark SQL queries and file-system commands. You can also easily be visualize the execution output with Zeppelin for quick insights. You can save your Zeppelin notebook, with its code, and share it with members of your organization.

The platform's Zeppelin service includes a pre-deployed getting-started note ("Iguazio Getting Started Example") that demonstrates how to use the platform APIs.

See the Zeppelin notes in the Spark-APIs reference for more information about running Spark code from Zeppelin, and see the Software Specifications and Restrictions for general Zeppelin service restrictions in the platform.

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