Edge analytics and processing perform data collection and analysis at the edge of the network, near the source of data. Edge data sources can be anything from a car, or wristwatch, to an industrial component which gathers data from several machines in a factory. In order to move high volumes of data across multiple edge devices – quickly with minimized bandwidth – a centralized cloud is supplemented with several distributed “cloudlets,” or mini clouds. These cloudlets are physically closer to the edge and can therefore better serve changing cloud workloads for real-time processing and actionable insights. Cloudlets must be simple to deploy and operate because they are unattended, serving as a complete and compact solution.


  • Fastest application performance available today
  • Supports petabytes of data in a small footprint
  • Accelerates development and deployment, minimizing the number of components
  • Provides unmatched security
  • An enterprise-grade system with simple operations
  • A full range of deployment models: in-factory, regional, hybrid and public cloud


  • Volume and velocity– Ingesting, processing and storing huge amounts of data while maintaining high performance and a small footprint.
  • Combining real-time data with historical state – Analyzing streams and combining them with historical data, in real-time, at the edge.
  • Security – Edge devices can be located in sensitive environments, controlling vital systems or sending private data. Strict authentication and access control must be implemented with the growing number of devices.

Our Solution

The Iguazio Continuous Data Platform was designed specifically to handle unprecedented volumes of data in real-time, offloading various analytics scenarios, providing fine-grained token-based access control and building dense and low-cost solutions. The platform enables edge deployment across multiple locations in order to analyze data closer to its sources and boost response time. Iguazio’s customers process millions of real-time events per second combined with historical data in a small footprint and low cost, coupled with analytics and machine learning tools such as Spark.

igauzio’s platform simplifies data science, development and operations. All the data is accessed through HTTP-based APIs directly from devices or gateways, without any intermediate services, which often lead to bottlenecks or security risks. Data containers are created and managed using self-service portals with a full set of monitoring, security and data life-cycle management capabilities. The system is enterprise-grade and is delivered as an integrated appliance or software that is deployed either at the edge, on premises or in a public cloud such as AWS. Iguazio is the ideal platform for edge analytics, enabling the greater simplicity, performance, security and agility required by next generation applications.