Firms must have an accurate market view in order to drive actions and remain competitive in the face of changing conditions. Be it positions, trades, risk exposure or profits, having the most recent, comprehensive information enables companies to move toward more real-time and automated decision making.

Trading Infrastructure Monitoring

When it comes to trading systems, every millisecond counts. Efficient infrastructures must enable high performance and availability for minimum outages while reducing storage capacity.

Iguazio ingests and correlates high volumes of time-series and multivariant data for real-time infrastructure and application analysis. It serves the insights with interactive dashboards presenting rout cause analysis, anomaly detection and predictions, as well as alerts and automated actions.

  • Advanced time-series capabilities with metric and unique labels stored, analyzed and served in one platform
  • Filtering and compression for reduced capacity and faster search queries accelerating performance
  • Anomaly detection and predictive maintenance with built-in machine learning tools
  • Edge deployment for optimal resiliency and speed while providing high connectivity to public clouds

Tick Data Analysis

To build truly smart trading strategies, analyzing only tick data isn’t enough.

Iguazio ingests the smallest resolutions of time-series data coming from the exchange in real-time to facilitate high frequency trading. To give customers a true competitive edge, the data is continuously enriched with external data sources such as trades, positions, references and regulatory news. This lets customer see the bigger picture without compromising high performance, for immediate and clever execution of trades.

  • Sophisticated analytics with real-time enrichment of trades, positions, references and regulatory news
  • Smarter decisions with anomaly detection and predictive analytics using built-in machine learning tools
  • Advanced time-series capabilities with metric and unique labels stored, analyzed and served in one platform
  • Interactive dashboards combining fresh and historical data as well as alerts and automated actions

Risk Management

Many firms estimate risk exposure with batch data pipelines, making reactive decisions based on historical data only.

In order to truly track and mitigate risk, Iguazio lets companies calculate various risk factors regarding trades, funds, portfolios and more in real-time as market data is streaming in. By making the speed layer smarter, customers get the needed historical context correlated with fresh data and automated actions.

  • A simplified data pipeline with one unified database for time-series and multivariant data
  • Predictive analytics providing potential risk factors and ways to overcome them using integrated AI tools
  • Interactive dashboards presenting historical and fresh insights in one place as well as real-time alerts
  • High performance across large data volumes from various sources at lower costs than alternatives

Trading Surveillance

Detecting known market manipulation schemes such as pump and dump is common. However, discovering attempts to manipulate the market using new, unfamiliar methods, which cannot be readily translated to algorithmic rules, poses new challenges for financial services companies.

Iguazio combines AI with a high-performance database, enabling customers to adjust in real-time to changing market behaviors with minimum false positives.

  • Anomaly detection, predictive analytics and event-driven decisioning with integrated AI tools
  • Agile deployment of machine leaning models from training to production and execution against streaming data
  • Unique multi-model, highly performant database, handling different data access models and APIs
  • An iterative agile approach that abandons complex data pipelines and long engineering cycles