Ever since the early days of cloud computing, the ability to seamlessly move workloads and data between private and public clouds has been a core industry vision. While the abstraction of infrastructure resources has led to great strides and progress, we have yet to realize the full vision of secure workload and data mobility. Each one of today’s cloud providers has a different collection of data services and the data stacks used inside most private clouds are very different from each other.

iguazio set out to solve this challenge by providing a single data platform that can run anywhere – be it on one of the public clouds or on premises. It offers full control over the data, regardless of the cloud provider.


  • Complete data ownership and governance, unlike public cloud services
  • Cloud agility across on-premises and hybrid platforms
  • A unified platform supporting a variety of APIs: standard and AWS-compatible, streaming, object, file and database APIs
  • Accelerated analytics reducing time to insights
  • Enterprise-grade functionality and SLA


  • Migration complexity – Public and private clouds usually run different infrastructure and software stacks, which make it extremely challenging to move workloads across environments.
  • Vendor lock-in – Although some providers offer public and private solutions, customers are locked-in to use only proprietary APIs, compromising quality and cost efficiency.

Our Solution

iguazio’s Unified Data Platform places governed data and analytics closer to their sources, while leveraging AWS and other cloud providers’ compute elasticity to generate business insights at extreme speeds. iguazio combines the cloud’s cost savings, agility and simplicity with the security, reliability and performance required by the IoT, edge analytics and enterprise organizations. iguazio is the most secure data platform-as-a-service deployed either on-premises or in hybrid cloud architectures.

iguazio’s on-premises software is compatible with the AWS public cloud, enabling the following:

  • Security: Non-sensitive data can be moved to AWS while sensitive data remains secure on-premises.
  • Minimal Time to Insights: Third party services that run on AWS are seamlessly integrated with the iguazio data platform. Data services that require low response times run on the iguazio platform, while other data services are stored on AWS.
  • Rapid Development and Deployment: Test devs are performed on AWS to save costs and smoothly transition to on-premises production. Alternatively, to avoid complex testing on multiple data service, testing can be done on-premises and moved to AWS towards production. The choice is yours.
  • Eliminating Outage Concerns: While there are other solutions in the market for S3 backup, iguazio takes it to the next level with a comprehensive backup solution for Amazon’s advanced data services: NoSQL, Streaming and S3.

iguazio’s solution has successfully been tried and tested by enterprise customers struggling with inefficiencies and fine-grained data governance. It places data in the center, while enabling complete data ownership and control. Enterprises using iguazio’s data platform now have the flexibility to run applications either on premises; hosted at the Equinix Data hub; or in a public cloud such as AWS.