The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the 4th industrial revolution as it transforms the way we monitor and control manufacturing.

The emergence of IoT has driven demand to analyze far greater amounts of data, at far greater speeds and far more efficiently than ever before. Real-time analytics and AI enable predictive maintenance by allowing companies to constantly detect which equipment is beneficial, how it should be maintained and how malfunctions are to be avoided. Continuous visibility and control result in smarter decisions for energy reduction, supply chain traceability, efficient use of resources and optimal quality control.


In-Factory Edge Deployment

Insights at the edge and high connectivity to public clouds

Volume and Velocity

Processing huge amounts of sensor data in real-time

Event-Driven Applications

Real-time alerts on abnormalities

Predictive Maintenance

Predictions on equipment health and state of the plant

While the benefits of Industry 4.0 are crystal clear and frequently mentioned, most companies struggle with the implementation of intelligent systems. Common data warehouse solutions are slow and complex; public clouds are a locked-in, expensive resource; data science models are hard to deploy and manage; and tying multiple security models together in a hybrid cloud is fraught with difficulty.

iguazio’s Continuous Data Platform powers IIoT applications at the edge, on-premises and in the cloud for real-time actionable insights. It leverages the latest AI tools as well as a variety of data services, eliminating data pipeline complexities to make the IIoT vision attainable, affordable and secure.

Intelligent Edge

Edge processing performs data collection and analysis at the edge of the network, on an industrial component which gathers data from several machines within a factory. The iguazio Continuous Data Platform was designed specifically for unprecedented volumes of data and can be deployed on-premises and at the edge across multiple locations to analyze data closer to its sources and boost response time. It provides low latency connectivity to public clouds, enabling a fast and secure hybrid solution. iguazio’s customers process millions of real-time events per second, combined with historical data in a small footprint and low cost.

The Intelligent Edge can also run independently in case of limited connectivity to the cloud.

iguazio enables agile development of machine learning models as well as deployment of operational production pipelines. This facilitates detection of patterns in historical data sets to learn about machinery, predict outcomes and make correlations with real-time fresh data. In addition to its core data services, the platform comes with built-in essential machine learning and serverless tools such as Spark, R, TensorFlow, Zeppelin notebooks and nuclio to get analytics and machine learning processes up and going.

Industrial devices can be located in sensitive environments, controlling vital systems or sending private data. The iguazio data engine classifies data transactions and provides fine-grained policies to control access, service levels, multitenancyand data lifecycles. Organizations enable data sharing and governance across apps and business units without compromising security, reliability and performance.