In the future, more and more devices will be connected to the internet, according to analysts this number will reach 50 billion devices in 5 years.

IoT will be used in cars, factories, agriculture, smart building, healthcare, homes, cities and so on. IoT devices generate sensor data such as state and other metrics, send event notifications, may generate video data, and need to be remotely controlled. With the sheer volume of sensor data there is clearly a challenge to transfer and store all the data and conduct smart analytics and machine learning in real-time while combining historical state.


Managing Different Data Types

Managing all data types from various sensors in one place

Volume and Velocity

Processing huge amounts of data in real-time

Event-Driven Applications

Real-time alerts on abnormalities

Fine-Grained Security

Strict authentication and access control

Case Study – Connected Car

A multinational automotive corporation built an IoT connected truck solution for predictive maintenance and proactive analytics. The corporation used iguazio’s Unified Data Platform to collect, analyze and act upon the truck data in real-time, generating value for all parties involved in the value chain, from engine manufacturers to logistics companies.


The Challenge

The automotive corporation manufactures and manages millions of vehicles worldwide and therefore aggregates huge amounts of data. As part of its strategy to provide innovative financing, leasing, fleet management, insurance and mobility services, the corporation needed a solution that ingests, processes and analyzes data coming from numerous sources in real-time. Since sensors placed in trucks constantly upload data, storage costs can be extremely expensive. In addition, IoT brings up major security concerns and new paradigms of strict access control had to be implemented. The corporation was seeking a new solution that could address its enterprise requirements while eliminating complexity.

The Solution

The iguazio Unified Data platform provided a turnkey solution incorporating machine learning tools that were applied on the data in real-time. The platform handles all forms of data in an IoT application – it ingested sensor data which included state, statistics and event streams and triggered alerts when immediate attention was required using serverless functions (e.g. device failure, temperature beyond normal, etc.). Data was enriched with external data such as weather conditions and correlated with historical state, all in a matter of seconds. This enabled the corporation to explore the latest insights at any given time and make machine learning based predictions to anticipate possible malfunctions and events. Furthermore, the platform enabled device configuration in a flexible schema and maintained durable message queues per device for commands and actions. The platform was deployed at the edge, enabling to analyze the data closer to its sources. This substantially accelerated performance and reduced costs.

iguazio’s platform makes life simpler for developers. Simple, fast and secure – it accelerated the deployment of a variety of analytics services, eliminating data pipeline complexities and reducing time to insights from hours to seconds. The system is enterprise grade and is delivered as a fully integrated and easy to use appliance.