Actionable, Real-time Insights
for the Industrial IoT

 iguazio’s Continuous Data Platform enables industrial visibility and control for predictive maintenance, energy reduction, supply chain traceability, efficient use of resources and overall efficiency. It leverages the latest AI and machine learning tools as well as a variety of data services, eliminating data pipeline complexities to make the intelligent manufacturing vision attainable, affordable and secure.


In-Factory Edge Deployment

Insights at the edge and high connectivity to public clouds

Volume and Velocity

Processing huge amounts of sensor data from various sources

Real-time Analytics

Real-time alerts on abnormalities and immediate actions

Predictive Maintenance

Predictions on equipment health and state of the plant

In-Factory Edge Deployment

iguazio’s Continuous Data Platform runs at the edge while providing high connectivity to public clouds. In this secure hybrid environment, huge data volumes can be ingested, enriched, analyzed and stored locally to boost manufacturing performance with a small foot print.
The Intelligent Edge can also run independently in case of limited connectivity to the cloud.

Real-time Analytics in Your Factory

Learn about machinery, predict outcomes and make correlations between historical and real-time fresh data

CEO Asaf Somekh on CNBC

Asaf Somekh explains the implementation of AI solutions in manufacturing