High performing, timely and personalized digital content boosts user engagement. Iguazio’s Continuous Data Platform accelerates real-time analytics and actions to deliver an optimal user experience across a variety of media properties and communicate with users intelligently.

Personalized Content

Create personalized content tailored for users’ needs and wants to achieve deep customer engagement.

The Iguazio Continuous Data Platform enables customers to apply sophisticated machine-learning algorithms to historical and fresh user behavior in order to generate greater insights as to readership trends.

Data is served with real-time dashboards reflecting customer behavior and churn while customized content is continuously published to individuals or cohorts.

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  • Predictive analysis of expected user behavior and trending pages, with built-in machine learning tools
  • Automated content distribution based on historical and fresh user behavior, gathered from multiple sources
  • Seamless optimization across different media properties throughout the network for maximum engagement
  • Accelerated performance for immediate decision making regarding which content is served to whom

Video Quality Optimization

Deliver a smooth uninterrupted viewing experience free of buffering, while still reducing bandwidth consumption and file size.

Iguazio’s Continuous Data Platform lets customers analyze data from a variety of sources to automatically detect users’ specific devices, network conditions and subscriber patterns and package content in real-time accordingly. With continuous monitoring, customers immediately predict and respond to problems.

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  • Ingest user network and device conditions data in high volumes throughout the internet in real-time
  • Proactively deliver the most efficient content which provides high video quality while reducing bandwidth
  • Increase user satisfaction and reduce bounce rate by predicting problems and responding to them in real-time
  • Extend the lifetime of your network investment and reduce costs with more efficient content delivery

CDN Routing Decisions

Slow loading times and outages can harm customer satisfaction, resulting in reduced revenues and a damaged reputation. Iguazio lets customers automatically monitor and control multiple CDNs to speed up resolution and lower page load times substantially.

Iguazio ingests multiple performance data types to test which CDN is responding fastest and rout traffic accordingly. It leverages built in machine learning tools to measure bandwidth throughput, latency, jitter and more.

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  • Real-time detection of best performing CDNs with built-in machine learning tools and automatic actions
  • Ingests and analyzes multiple data sources to control bandwidth throughput, latency, jitter and more
  • Deployed at the edge, closest to the end user, for maximum performance and reliability
  • High connectivity to the cloud for training, persisting and containerizing machine learning models