Leverage real-time insights to nurture your biggest asset – your customer base.

Timely, personalized digital content boosts user engagement. iguazio’s Unified Data Platform accelerates real-time analytics to trace user paths across a variety of media properties and communicate with users intelligently.


Improved Buzzing Efficiency

Faster queries at lower costs

Increased User Engagement

Real-time personalized content increasing user loyalty

Predictive Analytics

Forecasting expected user behavior and trending pages

Case Study – Media Corporation

iguazio was approached by a diversified American media corporation to leverage real-time insights for deep customer engagement. Before iguazio, it mostly used Amazon Web Services, however it needed a more sophisticated, real-time data platform in order to create personalized content tailored for users’ real-time desires.


The Challenge

Buzzing is a media term used to describe the use of data science to identify and instantly integrate trending stories with targeted ads. With buzzing, advertisers are able to target top-performing content across various “hot” media properties within a digital ecosystem, serving up ads on pages that are receiving the most audience engagement at any given moment.
iguazio’s customer wanted to establish a next gen clickstream data warehouse that would allow it to simultaneously analyze historical information about user behavior in conjuncture with real-time data.

The Solution

The iguazio Unified Data Platform applies sophisticated machine-learning algorithms to historical user behavior in order to generate greater insights as to readership trends. iguazio’s buzzing solution enables this media giant to personalize content based on user preferences and publish customized content to an individual user or cohort. Furthermore, behavioral analytics are tracked across different media properties, allowing seamless optimization throughout the network.

Data management is substantially more efficient and results are both faster and more accurate, when comparing the analysis of trending stories in the iguazio platform vs the media company’s previous data platform. iguazio is designed to enable simultaneous access for different types of data in real-time, thereby reducing the cost and accelerating data processing. iguazio also monitors ad click stream data, which directly affects profits. This media giant now uses continuous analytics to leverage data science and historical data and recommend what a user, or cohort of users are most likely to click on. Ad targeting and the cross-syndication of digital content has therefore greatly improved, as faster analytics have enabled immediate decision making regarding which content is served to whom. By tracking user activities and buzzing rates, the platform not only provides real-time suggestions, but also predictive analytics regarding expected user behavior and trending pages. These forecasts determine the likelihood of conversions by grouping users in homogenous cohorts and are certified with back testing.

Simple, fast and secure – the iguazio Unified Data Platform accelerates the deployment of a variety of analytics services, eliminating data pipeline complexities and reducing time to insights from hours to seconds. This is crucial for media and advertising companies that can now personalize content based on real-time user behaviors.