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How Serverless Platforms Could Power an Event-Driven AI Pipeline

“With Iguazio, we are then able to provide a distributed application and database layer that can treat data very fast, with non-blocking invocations, so that we can process many events in parallel in the same process, overcoming the lack of concurrency downfall of most serverless AI pipeline approaches,” said Nissan-Messing.

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Removing Data Blockage at the Edge

“Gartner released an amazing number in [2017] that 85 percent of such projects are failing. The main reasons for the failures are complexity and the huge number of technologies, and the way data has to be moved from one platform to another,” said Somekh.

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Iguazio builds Google-like Outpost for IoT retail edge

Iguazio is working with Trax, a retail edge app vendor, and integrating Google Cloud Platform to provide an Amazon Outpost-like service. It says the Iguazio/Trax/GCP combo delivers public cloud benefits that enable retailers to optimise in-store operations across the estate.

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Press Releases

Samsung SDS Invests in Iguazio to Boost Cloud Services

“Samsung SDS is excited to invest in Iguazio. We look forward to providing our customers with intelligent, serverless applications by implementing Iguazio’s technology to our cloud’s PaaS,” said Dr. Shim Yoon, Executive Vice President, Cloud Business Division Leader of Samsung SDS.

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