Boston Limited

Boston Limited and Iguazio Partner to Operationalize AI for the Enterprise

Data science is becoming a critical element of business strategy in enterprises across industries. Companies need better ways to implement their AI solutions in real-world environments, to help them cut costs, work more efficiently, and accelerate the rollout of new AI services and products for customers. Yet as enterprises navigate the journey from data science to live AI applications, they often find the move to production challenging and complex.

This radical shift to transforming business models with AI typically requires highly customizable infrastructure, as well as a streamlined data science workflow to navigate the transformation effectively and efficiently. To meet these challenges, Boston Limited offers high-performance data center hardware and technical services, alongside an accelerated and automated way to deploy AI, with the Iguazio MLOps Platform.

The partnership enables both companies to extend their offerings to enterprises across industries looking to bring data science into real life applications, regardless of the size or skill set of their internal teams.

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