Continuous Data Platform

Iguazio provides a Continuous Data Platform to ingest, enrich and analyze data in one solution. Iguazio’s fully managed platform combines a high performance scalable database and built-in open source tools for AI and serverless to power real-time apps across cloud, on-prem and edge.

Multiple Open APIs

Ingest, Enrich, Analyze, Serve

iguazio supports simultaneous high-performance access through multiple standard and open APIs, combining a real-time and serving layer

Various Data Sources

Users can store and index any type of data in large volumes using a variety of protocols and concurrently read the data using a different method

Open Architecture

The platform includes leading built in machine learning and AI tools and can be integrated with third party data lakes and clouds

In-Memory Speed at High Density and Lower Costs

Iguazio combines fresh, historical and operational data to support smarter decisions in real-time. The platform maximizes CPU utilization and leverages non-volatile memory, 100GbE RDMA, flash and dense storage, achieving extreme performance with consistency at the lowest cost. It shifts the balance from underutilized systems and inefficient code to parallel, real-time and resource optimized implementation requiring fewer servers.

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Self-Service Management

Managed Data Services

The Iguazio Continuous Data Platform changes the way you monitor, search and explore your data. The system stores rich metadata with each object, turning the platform into a smart data catalog where users can explore data and gain operational and “hidden” business insights in a matter of a few simple clicks.


nuclio is an ultra-fast open source serverless platform which allows developers to focus on building and running auto-scaling applications without worrying about managing servers. It Supports a variety of event and data sources with common APIs and is portable across edge and multi-cloud deployments

Automated IT Operations

IT admins use a simple interface to provision and monitor multiple data clusters and their resources including CPUs, networking and storage with minimal human interaction. The platform provides a rich set of reports and views and generates alarms based on predefined filtering and escalation policies.

Fine-Grained Security

The platform accepts software-defined policies and automatically maps them to access control, multi-tenancy, monitoring, auditing, service levels and other custom operations. It integrates with identity management systems, combines API level security and visualizes effective policies per data element.

Deployment Anywhere



On demand service running in the iguazio managed cloud or in alternative public multi-clouds



A complete cloud experience running on-premises on iguazio’s scalable multi-node cluster



Edge appliance handling large data volumes with small footprint, aggregated from devices in real-time