Holistic Data Abstraction Management

Iguazio delivers data Platform as a Service to handle all data-related activities addressing data users, developers, business-line owners and infrastructure teams with targeted management portals and views per role. It enables users to provision, monitor, manage and search data while organizing it in logical data containers, in a simple and intuitive way regardless of its data type. It enables multi-tenancy and secure data sharing between different business units and it simplifies IT operations through proactive and automated management.

Cloud Agility with Self-Service Operations

The Iguazio Unified Data Platform organizes data in logical entities called Data Containers which map to business applications. This allows users to monitor, manage, share, control billing and apply policies per application across all its data types. Users provision multiple APIs and interfaces to every data container, connect them to different networks and monitor activities and performance per API.

All operations are performed through APIs or our self-service portal. Data containers and policies are created through a simple wizard and provisioned automatically. No need to wait for IT operations!

Fine Grained Data Aware Policies

The platform accepts software-defined policies at different levels of abstraction and automatically maps them to fine grained access control, monitoring, auditing, service levels and other custom operations. Administrators define hierarchical multi-layered policies, specifying the desired actions for any combination of network, identity, tags, metadata and content fields. The platform integrates with organization identity management systems, combines API level security (e.g. POSIX rules) and visualizes effective policies per data element. It significantly simplifies data security and helps organizations meet their compliance objectives.

Automated Data Lifecycle Management
and Governance

The platform delivers application-level data lifecycle management, simplifying and automating all data movement, maintenance and governance tasks, thus making expensive 3rd party tools redundant. Administrators build hierarchical and multi-layered policies to define data placement, retention, import/export, backup and archiving, or user defined tasks. The platform leverages our advanced built-in realtime metadata and data query engine to apply a policy on a specified set of data objects, matching granular metadata based filters snf avoiding the usage of a resource intensive file system or database scan. Rules can be created by defining the operation type, affected data, policy triggers or schedule and details. They run at the right timing, produce logs and friendly completion notifications, eliminating manual and resource intensive operations.

Real-time Insights

The Iguazio Unified Data Platform changes the way you monitor, search and explore your data from the access layer to the media. Every system element or logical entity including data containers, APIs, metadata, users, applications, networks, clusters and storage resources is monitored providing real-time 360 degree views and alerts to its appropriate admin roles. The system provides actionable data – once an event or anomaly is detected, the platform provides its user with possible mitigation actions.

The system stores rich metadata with each object, turning the platform into a smart data catalog where users can explore data and gain operational and “hidden” business insights in a matter of a few simple clicks.

Cloud-Based IT Operations

With Iguazio, IT administrators use a simple interface to provision, manage and monitor multiple data clusters and all their resources including CPUs, networking and storage with minimal human interaction. The platform provides a rich set of easy to use reports and views and automatically generates alarms based on predefined filtering and escalation policies. System telemetry data is sent to the cloud for proactive support by the Iguazio team.

The Iguazio Enterprise Data Cloud is a modern cloud-native platform based on state-of-the-art technology, internally running Docker based micro services, full task automation, self-healing processes and elastic scaling of each component independently with zero downtime.