Serverless is it. It allows developers to focus on building and running auto-scaling applications without worrying about managing servers, as server provisioning and maintenance are all taken care of behind the scenes. However, serverless standardization and tooling is still limited. It’s also only relevant for certain types of use cases due to performance and slow state/data handling.

Key challenges:
– Slow performance and lack of concurrency (single threaded)
– Hard to develop, debug, test and deploy in a hybrid environment
– Lock-ins to platform specific events and data sources
– Complicated application state maintenance, code and service dependencies

Serverless Platform for Multi-Cloud and Edge Deployments

30-100x faster performance and low latency when compared to other FaaS offerings

Runs anywhere: low-power IoT devices, developer IDE, Docker, Kubernetes or cloud platforms

Supports an extensive set of debugging, logging, monitoring and out of the box CI/CD features

Supports a large variety of open or cloud-specific event and data sources with common APIs

nuclio is an open source serverless platform which is faster than bare-metal code, brings significant new functionality and works with data and event sources to accelerate performance and development. It is portable across IoT devices, laptops, on-premises datacenters and cloud deployments, eliminating cloud lock-ins and enabling hybrid solutions. nuclio simplifies the adoption of cloud native architecture across a broad set of use cases, without sacrificing performance or debuggability. The nuclio processor is real-time – a single nuclio function processor can run 400,000 function invocations per second (with a simple Go function) and respond in 0.1ms latency, 100x faster than most serverless/FaaS solutions. When used with iguazio, nuclio completes a full-blown cloud experience of data services, AI and serverless – all delivered in one integrated and self-managed offering, at the edge or in a hosted cloud.

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