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Does Iguazio support data versioning and data labelling?

The short answer is yes. Everything in MLRun (Iguazio's open source MLOps orchestration framework that sits at the core of the Iguazio MLOps Platform) is versioned: data objects, feature sets, feature vectors, and models. There are actually two different versioning schemes, like a git repository, with the shots or unique identifier of a version, as well as tags and labels. Objects can have a version, like production or development, and they can be changed. There is also the aspect of labeling for the training set and there are many different tools (that integrate with MLRun) that can do the labeling manually. Streaming data requires an automated approach, where the gets labeled as it is ingested.

For more on different approaches to automated labeling, check out chapter 2 in the book Implementing MLOps in the Enterprise by Yaron Haviv, Iguazio co-founder and CTO and Noah Gift, MLOps expert and author, from O’Reilly

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