Retailers of all sizes are now using big data analytics to better understand customer behavior. Iguazio’s Continuous Data Platform takes it a few steps further by leveraging real-time insights and event-driven decisioning to increase customer satisfaction and loyality.

Supply Chain

Optimize supply chain efficiency with real-time insights and actions to predict future demand and act accordingly with more responsive shipping models.

Iguazio combines a high-performant database with integrated AI tools for continuous visibility of inventory and data-driven actions. Real-time alerts are triggered if supplies are below or above a certain threshold and predictive analytics enable more efficient distribution not only from a warehouse but also between stores.

  • High speed data ingestion from the point of sale in stores and from the company’s ERP system
  • Real-time correlation with historical and external data such as ecommerce sites, trucks on the road and more
  • Built in machine learning tools to predict future demand and act accordingly with responsive shipping
  • Data is served with interactive dashboards combining fresh and historical data and triggered actions

Ecommerce Personalization

Increase user engagement and revenues by acting upon users’ needs and wants in real-time.

Customers using the Iguazio Continuous Data Platform apply sophisticated machine learning algorithms and correlate previous purchases, popular pages and real-time clicks to offer relevant products which are most likely to be purchased. Customers can also leverage predictive analytics to forecast sales and prepare inventory accordingly.

  • Predictive analysis of expected user behavior and trending pages, with built-in machine learning tools
  • Automated product offerings based on historical and fresh user behavior, gathered from multiple sources
  • Seamless optimization across different media properties throughout the network for maximum engagement
  • Accelerated performance for immediate decision making regarding which products are served to whom