In the future, more and more devices will be connected to the internet. Analysts predict this number will reach 50 billion devices in 5 years. IoT will be used in cars, factories, agriculture, smart buildings, healthcare, homes, cities and so on. IoT devices generate sensor data such as state and other metrics, send event notifications, generate video data and need to be remotely controlled. Sensor data can then be analyzed in realtime to provide insights and actions. With the sheer volume of sensor data, there is clearly a challenge to transfer and store all that data and conduct smart analytics and machine learning in realtime.


  • Deliver fastest application performance at lowest cost
  • Support Petabytes of data in a small footprint
  • Accelerate development and deployment, minimize the number of components
  • Provide unmatched security at line rates
  • Enterprise grade system and simple operation
  • In-factory, regional, hybrid and public cloud deployment models


  • Volume and Velocity – ingesting, processing and storing such huge amounts of data which is gathered in realtime.
  • Security – devices can be located in sensitive environments, control vital systems or send private data. With the number of devices and the fact they are not humans who can simply type a password, new paradigms and strict authentication and access control must be implemented.
  • Bandwidth – if devices constantly send the sensor and video data, it will hog the internet and cost a fortune. Therefore edge analytics approaches must be deployed to achieve scale and lower response time.
  • Combining realtime data with historical state – there are analytics solutions which handle batch quite well and some tools that can process streams without historical context. It is quite challenging to analyze streams and combine them with historical data in real-time.

Our Solution

The iguazio Unified Data Platform was designed specifically to handle unprecedented volumes of data in realtime, offload all IoT related analytics scenarios, provide fine-grained token based access control and build dense and low-cost platforms.

The platform handles all forms of data in an IoT application:

  • Ingestion of device event or video streams
  • Manage device configuration and properties in a flexible schema
  • Automatically aggregate and query time series of sensor data
  • Maintain durable message queues per device for commands and actions
  • Enrich real-time of streaming data with context tables and historical data on the fly
  • Accelerate various real-time analytics queries
  • Notify real-time event processing services in case of detected changes/anomalies

Using iguazio, it is possible to process millions of events per second in a small footprint and low cost, coupled with analytics and machine learning tools like Spark. Build fully integrated and easy to use Edge IoT Analytics devices located in a factory, smart building, city or a nearby data center. The platform can also be hosted in the cloud, aggregating data from multiple locations and enabling fast analytics.

iguazio’s platform makes life simpler for developers and operators. All the data is accessed through HTTP-based APIs directly from devices or gateways without any intermediate API services, which may lead to bottlenecks or security holes. Data containers can be created and managed using self-service portals, with a full set of monitoring, security and data lifecycle management capabilities. The system is enterprise grade and is delivered as a fully integrated and easy to use appliance.