Iguazio Data Science Platform Documentation

Welcome to the documentation portal of the Iguazio Data Science Platform (“the platform”) — a fully integrated and secure data science platform as a service (PaaS) built for production. Here you can find full product documentation, ranging from high-level overviews and tutorials to comprehensive references and guides.

Begin by reading the product introduction, which includes information and links to help you get started, such as the getting-started tutorials.
If you’re evaluating the product, see the Iguazio Trial Quick-Start tutorial.

Restricted Access
The documentation in the Specifications and Release Notes sections is confidential and restricted to registered users only. For more information, contact support@iguazio.com.
  • The "Tech Preview" notation marks features that are included in the current release as a sneak peek to future release features but without official support in this release. Note that Tech Preview features don’t go through QA cycles and might result in unexpected behavior. Please consult the Iguazio support team before using these features.”
  • The documentation links on this page and in the site navigation menu are for the latest product release (currently, version 2.5.4). For versioned content, you can select a different version from the version-selection menu at the top of the section-navigation side menu.