Iguazio Data Science Platform Documentation

Welcome to the documentation portal of the Iguazio Data Science Platform (“the platform”) — a fully integrated and secure data science platform as a service (PaaS) built for production. Here you can find full product documentation, ranging from high-level overviews and tutorials to comprehensive references and guides.

  • Visit the Introduction section for an introduction to the platform — including an architecture overview, data-pipeline examples, and setup and configuration information.
    For a more in-depth explanation of core concepts — such as data containers, streaming, user management, and security — see the Concepts section.

  • Use the different tutorials and guides to learn how to perform specific development and administration tasks and get hands-on experience.
    If you are just starting out, check out the getting-started tutorials and additional getting-started resources.

  • Browse comprehensive programming references, including full API references.

  • Review the product’s specifications and support matrix, and see the release notes for a full version history and the latest updates.

    Restricted Access

    The documentation in the Specifications and Release Notes sections is confidential and restricted to registered users only. For more information, contact support@iguazio.com.

The links above are to the documentation of the latest product version (2.3.0). On versioned-content pages you can select to view the documentation for earlier product releases from the version-selection menu at the top of the section-navigation side menu.

  • Iguazio is constantly striving to expand and improve the product documentation. Feel to free to report any documentation issues to docs@iguazio.com, or contact support@iguazio.com for assistance in using the platform.
  • The "Tech Preview" notation marks features that are included in the current release as a sneak peek to future release features but without official support in this release. Note that Tech Preview features don’t go through QA cycles and might result in unexpected behavior. Please consult the Iguazio support team before using these features.”
  • The documentation is currently not fully up to date. We are doing our best to close the documentation gaps quickly. Please bear with us, and feel free to contact our support team with any questions that you might have.