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Real-Time Streaming for Data Science

Adi Hirschtein | May 27, 2019

This tutorial demonstrates the availability of streaming data in a data science environment, which is useful for working with real-time and fresh datasets:

First, we collect data from an existing Kafka stream into an Iguazio time series table. Next, we visualize the stream with a Grafana dashboard; and finally, we access the data in a Jupyter notebook using Python code.

We use a Nuclio serverless function to “listen” to a Kafka stream and then ingest its events into our time series table. Iguazio gets you started with a template for Kafka to time series.

We visualize the data with Grafana and work with time series data using Python code in Jupyter. Data scientist easily access both historical and real-time data in a full Python environment for exploration and training with Iguazio.

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