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Data Science for Financial Services

Banks, insurance companies and trading firms are in the midst of a data-driven revolution, and those that leverage ML and generative AI intelligently will win. From mitigating risks proactively, to creating personalized customer services, we help Financial Services companies harness the power of AI to create differentiation and transform their bottom line.

Prevent Risk and Personalize Services

The Iguazio MLOps Platform for Financial Services enables companies to develop, deploy and manage ML and generative AI applications, transforming AI projects into real-world business outcomes.  With Iguazio, organizations can build and run AI models in real time, deploy them anywhere (multi-cloud, VPC or on-prem), and bring to life their most ambitious data-driven strategies for differentiation and risk mitigation.

Mitigate Risk

Real-Time Fraud Prediction

Proactively detect threats before they occur, prevent fraud, money laundering, cyber threats and other risks to your business by understanding patterns of illicit behavior and acting to proactively prevent risks.

Personalize Services

Real-Time Recommendations

Give your customers what they want - The right offer at the right time - Using advanced AI algorithms that take into account billions of data points, in real-time.

Feature Engineering Made Simple

Optimize Trading

Digest data at scale, detect anomalies in real-time and collaborate securely on AI algorithms within your organization to save precious milliseconds and get the best results.

Network Optimization

Improve Operational Efficiency

Predict customer profitability or risk, detect system failures before they manifest, model and optimize asset allocation.

Data Science For Financial Services
Data Science For Financial Services

GenAI Smart Call Center Analysis App

A leading European bank with a large customer call center wanted to improve their call center customer experience, following an industry-wide increase in call volumes. To decrease pressure on and improve the effectiveness of their call center, the bank built a generative AI application, deployed on-prem, capable of summarizing customer calls and analyzing sentiment and topics discussed. With this data, downstream applications—like live agent support, customer profiles, auto-generated content, tailored recommendations, customized offers, etc.— can leverage the extracted data. The application is capable of removing sensitive financial data, handling multiple languages, and is fully compliant with relevant financial AI regulations.

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Prevent Fraud & Personalize Services with AI

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