MLOps in Secure IT Environments:
AWS GovCloud & SCIF

As the leading non-SaaS solution that can operate in AWS GovCloud or in a SCIF, the Iguazio MLOps Platform allows data science teams to run their machine learning pipelines on their own secure environments. Iguazio accelerates the process of ML model deployment from research to production through ML pipeline automation, an online and offline feature store and low-latency model serving for real-time use cases. Iguazio also supports hybrid scenarios such as training models in the cloud and inferencing on-prem.

The Iguazio MLOps platform is deployed on the customer’s network (on any cloud VPC or on-prem in a data center), and not as a SaaS solution. To ensure data security and privacy, Iguazio does not store or process customer data on its own servers: customer data is stored and processed in customer’s own cloud accounts and environments only.

For customers with sensitive workloads, Iguazio can be installed on a number of secure environments.


Move sensitive AI/ML workloads to the cloud with Iguazio on AWS GovCloud. For US government customers and their partners, AWS GovCloud provides the flexibility to architect secure cloud solutions that comply with federal requirements.

Iguazio augments and expands the AWS AI/ML stack, including Sagemaker integration.


Customers with existing secure infrastructure such as a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) can leverage Iguazio while guarding against electronic surveillance and protecting sensitive security and military information.

Accelerate MLOps in Your Secure Environment

Learn how customers with secure workloads develop, deploy and manage AI applications to accelerate ML to production with the Iguazio MLOps Platform