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Serverless Automation

Consume Nuclio, the real-time open source serverless framework as a managed service in the Iguazio Data Science Platform, to automate each step of the pipeline with enterprise performance, scale and reliability

High Performance
Serverless Pipeline Automation

Nuclio leverages serverless advantages such as on-demand resource utilization and auto-scaling to automate each step of the machine learning pipeline with high throughput, low latency and real-time features. In the final deployment phase, Nuclio converts Jupyter notebooks (or other IDEs) to deployable functions with a simple click.

Serverless Simplicity,
Enterprise Grade

Fine-Grained Security

Authentication and Authorization, LDAP Integration and secure collaboration

Access to Real-time Data

Multi-model database with time series, key-value, SQL and columnar data

Integration with ML tools

Work from Jupyter Notebook or any other IDE while transparently accessing built in frameworks like Spark, Presto and Pandas


Fastest Serverless Platform

Fastest Serverless Platform

Shared GPUs and Data

Shared GPUs and Data

Fast Deployment from Jupyter

Fast Deployment from Jupyter

No Lock-ins

No Lock-ins

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