IoT and Edge

Using iguazio, it is possible to process millions of events per second in a small foot-print and low-cost, coupled with analytics and machine learning tools like Spark. Build fully integrated and easy to use Edge IoT Analytics devices located in a factory, smart building, city or a nearby data center. The platform can also be hosted in the cloud, aggregating data from multiple locations and enabling fast analytics.

Cloud Native

Data is accessed simultaneously through different APIs and data models, reducing complexity, data copies and glue-layers. The platform provide extreme performance with millions of ops/sec and 0.1ms latency, accelerating applications and requiring fewer server resources.

Next Gen Data Lake

iguazio delivers next generation Data Platform as a Service which stores and indexes multiple data types, supports a variety of APIs and provides fine-grained security to enable secure data sharing. The iguazio platform is extremely fast and incorporates analytics and data manipulation acceleration features. It is designed with maximum efficiency and density to drive the lowest total costs.