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Data Science for Gaming

Gaming companies generate a massive amount of user data, and they need to act on it, fast. Get actionable insights on your users and your business by leveraging AI and real-time data. Anticipate their next move - on a granular basis - to tackle the challenges of compliance, increase ROI, reduce churn and offer the best long-term user experience possible.

From the Lab to a Business Growth Engine

The Iguazio MLOps Platform for Gaming enables you to develop, deploy and manage AI applications, transforming AI projects into real-world business outcomes.  With Iguazio, you can build and run AI models in real time, deploy them anywhere (multi-cloud, VPC or on-prem), and bring to life your most ambitious ROI optimization strategies.

Personalize Services

Predict 1st Day Churn

Predict player churn before it occurs and deliver a personalized and targeted offer to mitigate it in real time.


LTV Optimization

Optimize LTV with smarter targeting, messaging, budgets, and bids.

Responsible Gambling

Identify, prevent and intervene in at-risk behaviors to keep gambling safe.

Prevent Fraud

Analyze fresh data in real time to predict fraud before it happens and adapt to new threats.

Data Science For Financial Services
Data Science For Financial Services

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Optimize the User Experience with AI

Learn how gaming and ad-tech companies develop, deploy and manage AI applications to reduce churn and increase engagement with the Iguazio MLOps Platform