Nuclio is an open source serverless platform used to minimize development overhead, increase performance and automate the deployment of data science applications.
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High Performance
Serverless Pipeline Automation

Automate DevOps

Serverless Pipeline Automation


Dependencies, parameters, run scripts and build


Load-balance, data partitions, model distribution and hyper params


Parallelism, GPU support, query tuning and caching


Monitoring, logging, versioning and security


CI/CD, rolling upgrades and A/B testing

Why Nuclio

Fastest Serverless Platform

Fastest Serverless Platform

First Serverless Over GPUs

First Serverless Over GPUs

Fast Deployment From Jupyter

Fast Deployment From Jupyter

Freedom With No Lock-ins

Freedom With No Lock-ins

Platforms and Triggers

Open Source VS Enterprise

Features & Functionality
Open Source Nuclio
Managed Nuclio on Iguazio

 High Performance (~300k events per second)
 Kubernetes Support
 Management Dashboard
GPU Support
Basic Monitoring and Logging
Advanced Monitoring and Logging
Auto-Scaling and Scaling to Zero
Security – Authentication and Authorization, LDAP Integration
Resource Enforcement
Integration with ML tools: Spark, Tensorflow, Jupyter and more
Multi-Model Database with Time Series, Key-Value, SQL, Columnar
Quick Model Deployment From Jupyter Notebook to Serverless Functions
Shared Volume Across Functions
24×7 Support

Community Content