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MLOps for Generative AI

A practical way to implement Generative AI applications in the enterprise

A Practical Approach
to Gen AI

Iguazio’s software can be used to fine tune existing Large Language Models (LLMs) in a secure and efficient way, keeping the organization’s proprietary data safe and costs low by sharing AI infrastructure components (such as GPUs) across different projects. You can use Iguazio to build your first GenAI app and then scale GenAI across the entire organization, by creating an AI factory which automates and accelerates your entire data science process.

Streamline the way you operationalize and scale your generative AI models. Accelerate the deployment of foundation models, transformers, and application logic in production, while maximizing GPU performance. Benefit from comprehensive testing and built-in monitoring and management capabilities, ensuring the quality and reliability of user-facing applications. Collaborate efficiently, streamline operations, and accelerate time to market for Generative AI applications.

Financial Services

Reduce LLM Costs

Fine tune an existing open source or commercial large language model (LLM) using your proprietary data, to fit your use case exactly. Orchestrate your workload, use resources efficiently and auto-scale as needed.


Safeguard Proprietary Data

Leverage your proprietary business data in a secure environment to prevent sensitive information from leaking and address compliance concerns.

Sharing GPU Resources Efficiently

Maximize GPU Efficiency

Get the most your existing AI investments with GPUaaS: share GPUs, run multiple jobs on one GPU and automatically scale up as the workload demands.

Integrated and Open

Future Proof Your Architecture

The Gen AI landscape is constantly shifting. Use an open, flexible architecture that can adapt to evolving requirements / tooling, and keep pace with rapid innovation in the field.


Real-Time Automation

Real-Time Automation

Faster Deployment of AI

Faster Deployment of AI

Reliable Risk Management

Reliable Risk Management

Collaborate and Re-Use

Collaborate and Re-Use

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