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MLOps for Generative AI

A practical way to implement Generative AI applications in the enterprise

A Practical Approach
to Gen AI

MLOps for Generative AI streamlines the way you operationalize and scale your generative AI models. Automate and accelerate the deployment of foundation models, transformers, and application logic in production, while maximizing GPU performance. Benefit from comprehensive testing and built-in monitoring and management capabilities, ensuring the quality and reliability of user-facing applications. Collaborate efficiently, streamline operations, and accelerate time to market for Generative AI applications.


CI/CD for GenAI

Automate CI/CD integration to rapidly deploy scalable real-time serving and application pipelines that host the LLM as well as the required data integration and business logic.

Mitigate Risk

Manage and Monitor at Scale

Manage risk with built-in monitoring for the LLM data, training, model, and resources, with automated model re-tuning.

Ready for Production

Scalable Infrastructure

Automate the flow of tuning, validating, and optimizing the LLM to specific data efficiently over elastic resources.

Integrated and Open

Stay Flexible

Open and cost-effective solution with support for various LLMs and flexible deployment options (any cloud, on-prem or hybrid).


Real-Time Automation

Real-Time Automation

Faster Deployment of AI

Faster Deployment of AI

Reliable Risk Management

Reliable Risk Management

Collaborate and Re-Use

Collaborate and Re-Use

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