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Iguazio’s ESG Strategy

MLOps is all about generating real-world impact with AI, which has the potential to create solutions for some of the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges. Iguazio is fully committed to sustainability and to helping our customers and partners make real-world impact where it matters most.

Our Commitment to Sustainability Through Enablement of AI Innovation & Efficient Use of Resources

Iguazio envisions a sustainable world where organizations across industries responsibly develop and deploy new AI applications that improve our world, while utilizing resources efficiently, to create a sustainable future for the next generations.

Our Impact

Iguazio helps organizations realize their ESG goals in two main ways:

Enabling faster deployment of innovative AI applications that address various environmental and social challenges.

Making more efficient use of AI infrastructure to reduce their carbon footprint

We are also committed to sustainability in our own business operations.

Some examples of our impact

Iguazio’s ESG Strategy

Reducing Flight Emissions

Working with some of the largest airline providers to enable flight optimization and reduce CO2 emissions.

Iguazio’s ESG Strategy

Improving Healthcare

Working with some of the top hospitals worldwide to improve healthcare across clinical and logistical use cases, for example by predicting COVID-19 patient deterioration.

Iguazio’s ESG Strategy

Reducing Global Inequality

Enabling real-time fraud prediction for our global financial customers, to enable free trade in vulnerable regions and provide access to capital for people who were previously deemed unqualified.

Iguazio’s ESG Strategy

Reducing Consumption

Making more efficient use of AI infrastructure to enable more innovation through any AI use case, while consuming less resources.

Iguazio’s ESG Strategy

Promoting Women

Reducing gender bias by anonymizing gender-related information and empowering female leadership - 30% of Iguazio’s leadership is female (including one of the company’s co-founders!)

Iguazio’s ESG Strategy

Giving Back

Initiating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities at Iguazio, such as volunteering days and charitable donations.

Empowering Industries to Use AI for Innovative Solutions to Sustainability Challenges

Our goal is to help our customers bring data science to production for social and environmental good. We do this by enabling organizations to build and deploy AI solutions that offer greener services, promote health and safety, prevent environmental disasters and optimize operations to reduce waste and improve efficiency. We are most proud of the fact that through these activities, we help our customers create positive impact for their customers and users as well.

Impact by Vertical:


Mobility and Transportation

We help our customers leverage AI to create a cleaner, safer, greener and more efficient way of getting around.

One of the major airports in Asia uses Iguazio to help consolidate real-time and historical data to run complex AI models that optimize flight scheduling, reduce ground handling times and reduce carbon emissions with more effective and dynamic flight scheduling.


Financial Services

We help organizations prevent money laundering and fraud to mitigate risk and enable free, fair trade globally, including in underdeveloped regions. This includes providing access to capital for people who were previously deemed unqualified.

“With Iguazio’s Data Science Platform, we built a scalable and reliable system that adapts to new threats and enables us to prevent fraud with minimum false positives.”
Yaron Weiss,
VP Corporate Security and Global IT Operations, Payoneer


Technology and Infrastructure

We help our customers reduce resource consumption through smarter utilization of AI infrastructure and predictive maintenance practices.

NetApp uses Iguazio’s MLOps Platform to run predictive maintenance and mitigate malfunctions before they occur, thus eliminating the need for repair and the waste associated with defective equipment.



We help optimize patient care and improve operational efficiency to deliver quality healthcare and save lives, including during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Using Iguazio, we are revolutionizing the way we use data, by unifying real-time and historic data from different sources and rapidly deploying and monitoring complex AI models to improve patient outcomes and the City of Health’s efficiency.”
Nathalie Bloch,
MD, Head of Big Data and AI at Sheba Medical Center’s ARC Innovation Complex

Building a Company Committed to Sustainability

At Iguazio, we value our employees above all else, and together we are committed to building a fair, equal and socially-aware organization that creates a positive impact on the community


Diversity & Inclusion

We hire and employ a workforce that promotes diversity of gender, religion, ethnicity and parental status.

iguazio’s ESG Strategy

Flexible Work Environment

We offer a flexible work environment and a hybrid workplace to accommodate employees’ needs. We also offer opportunities for professional growth.

iguazio’s ESG Strategy

CSR Activities

We like to give back to the community through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities like charity donations and volunteering.


Environmental Awareness

We are environmentally aware and are making an effort to reduce waste, keeping our carbon footprint low and our environment clean by donating equipment, reducing consumption and recycling.

Creating a Better Future

We are committed to doing our part for society and the environment. We believe that by providing technological capabilities to organizations across industries, we can assist in reducing our collective carbon footprint, creating a more balanced society and accelerating our path to achieving the SDG goals set for 2030.

Together with our employees, customers, partners and community, we are committed to measuring and continually improving our activities to create a positive impact in the world.