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Operational Machine
Learning Pipelines

Meet the platform that automates MLOps and cuts the time to impact of your data science creations.

Data Ingestion & Transformation
Model Training & Evaluation
Operational Pipeline Deployment
Data and Model Monitoring

Dive Into the
MLOps Pipeline

Automate the entire ML pipeline from data collection preparation and training to rapid deployment and ongoing monitoring in production

Projects - Feature store - Feature sets

Ingest Data from Any Source and Build Reusable Online and Offline Features

Ingest and unify unstructured and structured data in real-time and create online and offline features using Iguazio’s Integrated Feature Store.

Projects jobs

Continuously Train and Evaluate Models at Scale

Run experimentation over scalable serverless ML/DL runtimes with automated tracking, data versioning, and continuous integration/delivery (CI/CD) support.

Projects – Models - Model endpoints

Deploy Models to Production in Seconds

Deploy models and APIs from a Jupyter notebook or IDE to production in just a few clicks and continuously monitor model performance and mitigate model drift.

Projects jobs

Monitor Your Models and Data on the Fly

Manage, govern and monitor your models and real-time features in production with a simple dashboard integrated with Iguazio’s Feature Store.

An Integrated Approach to Data & Data Science


Feature Store

Engineer online and offline features with advanced data transformation.

Operational Pipeline Deployment

Build and deploy automated real-time data and ML pipelines

CI/CD for ML

Continuously develop and deploy models to production iteratively quickly and easily.

Model Monitoring & Drift Detection

Easily monitor your models in production, automate drift detection to keep your models optimized and accurate in changing environments.

Start Making
True Business Impact

Iguazio’s Data Science
Platform Layers

MLOps Orchestration

Manage your end to-end workflow to production using a user-friendly environment, featuring fully integrated workflow management, an integrated feature store and model monitoring

Serverless Automation

Build, train, optimize and automatically deploy from a serverless environment with managed services, whether it’s streaming, analytics, deep learning or event-driven apps

Online and Offline Feature Store

Easily engineer online and offline features, share them across teams and ML applications with minimal development and integration effort, on top of Iguazio’s real-time data engine

Deploy Anywhere

With Iguazio, your machine learning applications deploy seamlessly and naturally to the cloud, multi-cloud, on-premises, edge, or anywhere your business lives.


End-to-End Solution

End-to-End Solution

Integrated and Open

Integrated and Open

Performance at Scale

Performance at Scale

Deployed Anywhere

Deployed Anywhere

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