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According to GSMA real-time intelligence data, there are over 9.32 Billion mobile connections worldwide. Telecoms sit on a treasure trove of usage data, as well as data regarding network performance and infrastructure, which can be leveraged using AI to create business insights and actions that make an impact.

From Network Optimization to SIEM: Benefits of Data Science for Telecoms

The Iguazio Data Science Platform enables you to develop, deploy and manage AI applications at scale, transforming AI projects into real-world business outcomes. With Iguazio, you can build and run AI models in real time, deploy them anywhere (multi-cloud, VPC or on-prem), and bring to life your most ambitious data-driven strategies for smoother and safer communications.

Telecom Case Study: Self-Healing Systems

A major telecom uses Iguazio to prevent network outages and perform auto-healing immediately. Degradation in equipment quality is detected in real-time and alternative paths are calculated, with machine learning models served against correlated fresh and historical network data. As a result, the company solves 60% of its support tickets without human intervention.

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