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Bringing Data Science
to Life

We’re building a faster, easier, and smarter way for data science to flow seamlessly from raw idea to real-world impact. This is data science brought to life.

True Business Impact

Data science is too important to today’s businesses to be held back by delays and inefficiencies.  Iguazio was created to remove the obstacles preventing data science from seeing the light of day, helping teams seamlessly implement their creations into business applications and make game-changing impact on their industry. Iguazio was acquired by McKinsey & Company in January of 2023 and is now a part of QuantumBlack, McKinsey’s AI arm.


Asaf Somekh

Co-Founder & CEO

Yaron Haviv

Co-Founder & CTO

Orit Nissan-Messing

Co-Founder and VP Architecture

Ori Lev-Ran


Sahar Dolev-Blitental

VP Marketing

John Asher

VP Sales EMEA and APAC

Tali Abramson


Nir Sela

Director Customer Success

Maor Assulin

Director of Dev. Support

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Iguazio in the news

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Iguazio Gives Back

We built Iguazio to empower people to meaningfully impact the world. As a technology company, we feel it’s our responsibility to make a positive, meaningful impact on people’s lives as well. That’s why we allocate options to Tmura, an Israeli Public Service Venture Fund that supports educational initiatives, youth opportunities, and other charitable activities in Israel. Tmura receives stock options from technology companies, and when exercised, sells the shares, donating the proceeds to charities they support.

The Name

As passionate hikers and trekkers, we were inspired by the Iguazu Falls of South America - the overwhelming inflow of water, the relentless rushing rapids, and the thunderous cascade of the falls, continuously streaming outwards. Their story personifies data science - the collection of vast amounts of data, crafting it into a profound creation and channeling it outwards for the whole world to see. This is data science brought to life. Iguazio is pronounced: ee-gwa-zee-o. Oh and BTW, it turns out that the Iguazu flows much faster than the Amazon…