iguazio is pioneering a fresh approach to the data challenges faced by today’s enterprises. The iguazio Unified Data Platform has fundamentally redesigned the entire data stack to support real-time analytics and event driven applications at scale.


Asaf Somekh

Founder & CEO

Yaron Haviv

Founder & CTO

Yaron Segev

Founder & VP Product

Orit Nissan-Messing

Chief Architect and Co-Founder

Ilan Gayda

Director of QA, DevOps and Dev Support

Ori Modai


Kohavi Karni

Director of Finance

Adi Hirschtein

Director of Product Management

Eran Duchan

Director of Software Architecture and Co-Founder

Investors and Advisors

CME Group
Eyal Niv

Managing General Partner, Pitango Venture Capital

Yahal Zilka

Managing Partner, Magma Venture Partners

Kobi Rozengarten

Managing Partner, Jerusalem Venture Partners

Merav Rotem Naaman

Managing Director - Verizon Ventures Israel

Chris Kemp

Former NASA CTO & Founder of OpenStack

Amir Prescher

Sr. Vice President of Business Development, Mellanox

Simone Brunozzi

Chief Technology Officer at MosaixSoft

Guy Schory

Former Strategic Initiatives at eBay/PayPal

Kevin Lee

Head, GIC Labs and Data Science, GIC




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The Name iguazio

Big data is typically defined as data in high Volume, Velocity and Variety. With our passion for hiking and trekking, we were inspired by the Iguazu waterfalls in South America where the Vs are so visible – The sheer Volume of water, the extreme Velocity of it and the wide Variety of falls and cascades in the area. The magnitude of the Iguazu waterfalls reflects the challenges of dealing with huge amounts of data enterprise, which organizations need to handle and harness nowadays in order to stay competitive.

Iguazu Falls

Meaning: big water | iguazio = iguazu+io | Pronounced: ee-gwa-zee-o
Oh and BTW, it turns out that the Iguazu flows much faster than the Amazon…


iguazio gives back to the community. iguazio believes that as a high-tech startup it has a responsibility to give back to the community.

Since its early days, along with other Israeli startups and venture capital funds, iguazio has allocated options to Tmura – the Israel Public Service Venture Fund. Tmura is a non-profit organization that seeks to increase involvement of the high-tech community in Israeli philanthropic activity, with a focus on giving aid to education and other youth activities.

Tmura has a simple model: early stage technology companies provide Tmura with stock options. Upon a liquidity event, Tmura exercises the options and then sells the shares, donating the proceeds to qualifying charities.