LATAM Airlines Group Builds
an ML Factory

Seagate Runs Advanced Manufacturing at Scale

Seagate built and manages a hybrid data lake with petabytes of data on Lyve Cloud with high scalability and efficient resource utilization for their hard disk advanced manufacturing sites.

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NetApp Deploys Real-Time Predictive Maintenance

NetApp deployed Iguazio at the core of Active IQ, analyzing 10 trillion data points in real time from storage sensors worldwide to generate actionable intelligence and real-time predictive maintenance for their customers globally.

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Sense Personalizes the Recruitment Experience with AI Chatbot Automation

With Iguazio, Sense powers a wide range of AI products aimed at increasing the efficiency and scalability of their AI operations. Sense leverages automation and AI to speed up the recruitment process, while delivering a hyper-personalized candidate experience.

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Ecolab Reduces Time to AI Deployment from 12 months to 30 days

Ecolab dramatically reduced ML development and deployment times, cutting costs, and enabling its geographically dispersed team to collaborate seamlessly on accelerating the rollout of AI applications

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Quadient Saves Time and Costs Getting AI to Production

Quadient unifies and combines every single data type they work with, to help its clients deliver more meaningful customer experiences to consumers.

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Sheba Medical Center Improves Patient Outcomes and Experiences with AI

Sheba Medical Center is driving a digital transformation by unifying real-time and historic data from different sources and rapidly deploying and monitoring AI models across clinical and logistical use cases.

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Payoneer Uses Real-Time AI for Fraud Prevention

With a scalable and reliable fraud prediction and prevention model, fraud attacks are almost impossible on Payoneer.

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PadSquad Predicts Ad Performance in Real Time Based on Multivariate Data

PadSquad aggregates and processes real-time ad data, to optimize performance in real-time and deliver timely insights to customers

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S&P Global Makes Engineering Documents Searchable and Indexable with NLP

S&P Global (IHS Markit) deploys semantic extraction on engineering documents to drive better decision making, processing thousands of PDF files in parallel and in real time, and orchestrates dependencies with AI.

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