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Top 9 Recommended ODSC Europe 2021 Sessions

Alexandra Quinn | June 3, 2021

ODSC Europe is next week, which makes today the perfect time to finalize the sessions you want to attend. While we’ll still be seeing each other virtually this year, attending ODSC Europe is nevertheless a great opportunity to meet with and learn from the top data science professionals in the industry. The sessions this year will cover a wide array of topics, from ML and deep learning, through data engineering and MLOps and all the way to AI, big data and analytics. So whether you’re just getting started with machine learning or you’re an AI ninja, ODSC Europe is the place to be from June 8 to 10.

We’ve gathered the top nine sessions we are looking forward to the most. We chose them because they all provide practical guidance and new, creative ways of thinking. We believe they can help us use AI and data science better, both for business and social value.

We will also be there, more details below.

Here are our top 9 recommended sessions for ODSC Europe 2021:

1. Explainable AI explained

A talk for managers, developers and data scientists who are interested in learning how to interpret the decisions ML models make. This session will explain the difference between white and black box models, the taxonomy of explainable models and approaches to XAI. We chose this session because learning why models work the way they do can help us debug and train them. In addition, this session includes both basic methods and advanced ones, with examples, which is a good way to learn the topic and understand it. 

2. PyTorch 101: Building a model step by step

A session explaining how PyTorch works: covering the basics of building a PyTorch model, the key components, and how to assemble a working model. It will explain all of PyTorch’s capabilities: autograd, dynamic computation graph, model classes, data loaders and more.We chose this session because it provides a straightforward tutorial about an important open source framework.

3. Adversarial attacks and defence in computer vision

A workshop for data scientists and data engineers who are also interested in the cybersecurity aspect of their work. This talk explains how cyberattacks on CNNs (neural networks for computer vision tasks) are targeted and attacked by hackers and how to mitigate the risks with defense strategies. We chose this talk because it combines the development and cybersecurity worlds, and gives practical tools for dealing with a serious problem.

4. Exploring modern and secure deployments of kubernetes on the edge

An investigative talk covering various new ways to operate and secure Kubernetes edge deployments, deployment alternatives, and managing cluster’s lifecycle. The presented solutions are based on open source projects and how they can be combined in innovative ways. We chose this talk because of its exploratory, out-of-the-box nature that is sure to get us all thinking about creative ideas of our own.

5. MLOps Orchestration: Your Highway to Accelerating Deployment of AI

A workshop by Iguazio’s CTO, Yaron Haviv, explaining the concept of MLOps Orchestration and how to simplify the process of getting data science to production in any environment with open source tool MLRun. The session will include a live demo and real business stories. We chose this because we know how challenging it is to get data science to production to provide real business value.

6. Hands-on Machine learning engineering with scikit-learn

A hands-on introduction to Machine Learning in Python with scikit-learn. Participants in this session will learn how to use the Python data-science stack to build and evaluate predictive models on tabular data. We chose this session because of the practical knowledge it provides to this very useful library.

7. Feature Stores: Your MLOps Competitive Advantage

A demo talk by our VP Product, Adi Hirshtein, who will explain the value of feature stores for simplifying and accelerating the path to AI in production and improving model accuracy. Adi will show feature stores can accelerate the development and deployment of AI applications by enabling teams to build, share and manage features across the organization and across different use cases. . We chose this talk because we believe in the value of shared feature stores for the data science community .

8. Enterprise ready ml model training on hybrid cloud, leveraging kubernetes

A talk explaining how to build a unified AML Kubernetes native agent for seamless train ML models on Kubernetes. We chose this because it relates and complements many of the other interesting sessions, as it supports SciKit, TensorFlow, PyTorch and MPI (and more).

9. Building Real-Time ML Pipelines the Easy Way

A second talk by Iguazio’s CTO, Yaron Haviv. Yaron will review the challenges of handling real-time data in research and production environments and existing solutions. He will explain when real-time ingestion and analysis is required, for example, to prevent fraud or mitigate churn and how the data can be acted upon in seconds. We chose this talk because of the value it provides for turning research and work into a product with real business value.

Meet Iguazio at OSDC Europe

We have three fascinating sessions at ODSC Europe that we hope you’ll attend. We’ll also be available at our virtual booth to provide more information or answer any questions you might have. We’d love to continue the conversation with you after these sessions, to hear your feedback and keep brainstorming ideas and sharing thoughts. Join us on the MLOps live community on Slack for more.

See you at ODSC Europe!