With the emergence of IoT, sensors and mobile applications collect massive amounts of data that determine driver effectiveness, generate real-time supply and demand heat maps, optimize pricing and lead to a better, more automated, decision-making process.

Fleet Management

Maximize fleet management efficiency to ensure supplies arrive on time and unharmed.

Iguazio collects, analyzes and acts upon smart mobility data in real-time, generating insights for all parties involved in the value chain, from engine manufacturers to logistics companies. It leverages built-in machine learning tools to generate real-time vehicle location heat-maps and act in response to fuel consumption, weather, road conditions and more.

  • Ingests large and various data sources such as fuel consumption and road conditions in real time
  • Real-time enrichment with external source such as weather and correlation with historical data
  • Deployed at the edge, close to the sources of data, for maximum performance and reliability
  • Served with real-time heatmaps of vehicle locations, predictive maintenance reports and alerts


Leverage real-time insights to optimize on-demand transportation and enhance the driver and passenger experience.

Real-time supply and demand heatmaps increase driver profits and reduce passenger wait times, as well as help drivers avoid congested areas and shorten ETAs. Furthermore, data can be used to improve accuracy for fair driver bonus calculations based on customer satisfactions and number of runs during peak times, as well as optimized surge pricing.

  • High speed ingestion of app data correlated with historical and external sources such as news and weather
  • A simplified pipeline streaming data directly to Iguazio eliminating the need for a dedicated streaming cluster
  • Real-time analytics with built-in machine learning tools running on a NoSQL database
  • Edge deployment for increased performance and reliability while enabling high connectivity to the cloud