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The Iguazio MLOps Platform transforms AI projects into real-world business outcomes. Accelerate and scale development, deployment and management of your AI applications with end-to-end automation of machine (and deep) learning pipelines.

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Faster by moving from batch to real-time


Reduction in airplane turn time


Faults automatically prevented


Real-time recommendations per second served


Faster by moving from batch to real-time

Iguazio MLOps Platform

Automate and accelerate the data science workflow so concepts
flow smoothly from development to deployment to impact


Ingest Data from Any Source & Type
Train & Evaluate Models at Scale
Deploy with ease to an Operational Pipeline
Monitor Models, Detect Drift and Auto-Trigger Retraining

Key Components for MLOPS Acceleration

Feature Store

Automated offline & online feature engineering for real-time and batch data

Real-Time Serving Pipeline

Rapid development of scalable data and ML pipelines using real-time serverless technology

Monitoring & Re-training

Codeless data & model monitoring, drift detection & automated remediation/re-training

CI/CD for ML

Integrated CI/CD across code, data and models, using mainstream ML, Git & CI/CD Frameworks

Rapidly Take your Models from Lab to Production

Seamlessly deploy machine & deep learning models to high-powered business apps, cutting time to market and reaching real-time performance at enterprise scale, using an open and fully integrated platform.

Simplify Your Data Science Process & Save Costs with Full MLOps Automation

Continuously and seamlessly deploy new models into business environments, monitor models in production, automatically detect and mitigate drift, and save time and resources on operationalizing machine learning.

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