Iguazio Support Policy

Standard Support Terms & Conditions

This document sets forth the terms pursuant to which Iguazio Systems Ltd.(“Company”) will provide you with support and maintenance for the Iguazio Data Science Platform (the “Platform“), provided that your account is in good standing. You are responsible for providing support to your employees, consultants and other end users, and shall remain the point of contact for all of the foregoing. Terms capitalized but not defined herein shall have the meaning set forth in the Iguazio End User License Agreement to which you are a party which can be seen at www.iguazio.com/eula (the “EULA”).  The Company reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

  1. Support. Subject to these terms and conditions hereof and the Agreement, Company or its agents shall use commercially reasonable efforts to diagnose and correct verifiable and reproducible problems (“Errors”) when reported to Company in accordance with the procedures set forth herein. Support will be provided remotely. You shall make commercially reasonable efforts to assist Company in reproducing any Error. You will provide Company with access to your personnel and equipment necessary to diagnose and correct Errors.
  2. Response Times. For Errors that are properly reported to Company according to the procedures in this document and that are related to a Platform used in Production, Company or its agents shall make their best effort to respond to your requests for support services within the time frame set forth herein:
    Severity LevelResponsivenessResolution
    Severity 12 hours for initial responseContinuous 24x7 effort until service is restored; Update client every 2 hours
    Severity 24 hours for initial responseContinuous effort during Business Hours; Update client daily
    Severity 3End of next Business DayBest effort during Business Hours; Update client every three days
    Severity 4End of next Business WeekEvaluation of feasibility to introduce a fix in future versions, subject to internal approval

    For Errors that are properly reported to Company according to procedures in this document and that are related to a Platform used in Development, the responsiveness and resolution levels for Severity Levels 1 and 2 will be identical to those of Severity Level 2 for Platforms used in Production.
  3. Severity Levels. Severity Levels in this document have the following definitions:
    Severity 1” means that the Service is down – i.e., that the Platform is not ingesting, manipulating or consuming data.
    Severity 2” means that a major part of the Platform’s Functionality is not operational – i.e., the management interface is not functional, or an API function is not working as expected but workarounds are possible.
    Severity 3” means that minor functionality of the Platform is not operational – i.e., cosmetic errors or errors that do not impact workflow.
    Severity 4” means an enhancement request.
  4. Definitions. In this document:
    Business Day” means normal business days of Company or Company’s agents providing Support Services.
    Business Hour” means normal business hours of Company or Company’s agents providing Support Services.
    Business Week” means a set of Business Days ending on Friday.
    “Platform used in Production” means a Platform which you have deployed into your production environment and is actively used by you in your ongoing business processes
    “Platform used in Development” means a Platform which you are not actively using in your ongoing business processes and is still used by you for development and testing
  5. Platform Versioning Numbers. Each Platform release is identified with a numerical version comprising three sets of digits separated by decimals. The digit(s) to the left of the first decimal represent the major version, the digit(s) to the right of the first decimal represent the minor version, and the digit(s) to the right of the second decimal represent the maintenance version. Any version number that specifies the second digit(s) is referred to as a minor version, even if it is the first release of a new major version. For example, 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2 are all minor versions of the 2.x major version.
    For the purposes of determining the Supported Version, any maintenance release that may be provided for a given minor version is considered part of that version and does not alter the minor version release date.
  6. Platform Supported Version Timelines. Any given Platform version is considered a Supported Version (“Supported”) for a finite period following its General Availability Date. General Availability Date is defined as the date on which a Platform version is officially made available for purchase or upgrade. Once a Platform version is no longer Supported, it is considered End of Support. End of Support Platform versions are not eligible for Support services, and any software, associated product documentation, and extensions that are not compatible with Supported Versions will no longer be available.
    – Each version is Supported until the latter of:(i) eighteen (18) months from the release of that version, or (ii) The General Availability Date of the next sequential release.
    – The Company shall choose to release, from time to time, maintenance versions that address Severity 1 and Severity 2 issues related to existing functionality of that particular version.
    – Maintenance versions are cumulative, with each maintenance version built upon those that preceded it. You should always install the latest maintenance version.
    – The Company reserves the right to determine the maintenance version availability date and the scope of that version.
    – Functionality that was not included in the version may require an upgrade to a newer and/or major version.
  7. Contact. You may contact Company regarding Errors using one of the means listed in this Section:
    Telephone: You may contact Company by telephone at the regional number listed at https://www.iguazio.com/support.
    Email: You may contact Company by email at: support@iguazio.com
    Support Website: https://support.iguazio.com/portal/signin
  8. Limitations. Company shall have no obligation to provide services hereunder if the Platform: (i) has been used other than in accordance with the EULA, Company instructions or applicable documentation; (ii) has been modified, repaired, serviced, maintained or altered by anyone other than Company without Company’ prior written approval; (iii) has been used in connection with hardware not recommended by Company; (iv) has been used in connection with a non-supported version of the operating system, virtual machine hypervisor or Kubernetes version; or (v) is not a Production System and only used for development purposes. Company shall have no obligation to provide onsite support. Ability to provide support is contingent on you providing the Company remote access to the Platform to diagnose and correct Errors.
  9. Open Source. The Platform is an open platform that includes various open-source analytics and machine-learning tools and integrates seamlessly with common and industry-standard data frameworks and applications. The built-in open source packages in the Platform are put through a certification process and Company provides support for the deployment and integration aspects of those pre-deployed services on top of the platform. Any issues with open source packages are only addressed after a new and stable open source version is released with a fix to the issue. Company can support such a fix only if and when such a new open source version has been certified.
  10. Your Responsibilities. You shall assign at least one and up to four named contact persons that will be permitted to contact Company for support. Your contact persons should have reasonable knowledge of the Platform and of the underlying technologies. You shall insure adequate remote access is set up so that Company support personnel can access the Platform remotely. You represent and warrant that you have obtained permission for Company and Company’s authorized third party providers to access and use any relevant Customer systems and networks for the purpose of providing these Support Services. If you do not already have that permission, it is your sole responsibility to obtain it, at your expense, before you seek performance of these Support Services. You acknowledge that compliance with your obligations hereunder is an essential condition to Company’ provision of support and maintenance hereunder.