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Building Scalable Customer-Facing Gen AI Applications Effectively & Responsibly with MongoDB - July 30th, 2024

De-Risk Your Gen AI Applications

Eliminate LLM risks. Use guardrails that test and approve use cases so you can meet compliance regulations, reduce risk and ensure peak model performance.

Guardrails for Protecting Against LLM Risks

Implement guardrails throughout your data management, model development, application deployment and LiveOps pipelines. Protect and de-risk to ensure:

  • Fair and unbiased outputs
  • IP protection
  • PII elimination
  • Improved LLM accuracy and performance
  • Minimal AI hallucinations
  • Filtering of offensive or harmful content
  • Alignment with legal and regulatory standards
  • Ethical use of LLMs

Meet Compliance Requirements

Implement relevant controls to meet the regulatory requirements for your industry. Ensure data privacy, reduce hallucinations, monitor LLMs and more.

Protect Data Privacy

Protect organizational, user and customer information by deploying on-prem, implementing gates and checks before production and removing PII.

Improve Accuracy

Improve LLM and gen AI app quality and accuracy through continuous developments and upgrades.

Reduce Bias

Filter offensive content and minimize hallucinations to ensure ethical use of LLMs and to avoid business and legal consequences.

Data Science For Financial Services
Data Science For Financial Services


Meet Compliance Requirements

Meet Compliance Requirements

Protect Data Privacy

Protect Data Privacy

Improve LLM Performance

Improve LLM Performance

Mitigate Bias

Mitigate Bias

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Protect Your Gen AI Applications

Learn how to implement guardrails and improve your LLM accuracy and performance with the Iguazio AI Platform.