Telcos are tackling cyber security attacks that are sneaking up on even the most powerful enterprises.

In order to tackle these growing threats, companies must not only respond in kind, but always be one step ahead of their attackers. The iguazio Unified Data Platform leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence models without requiring complex data pipelines and long engineering cycles, at a fraction of the cost.


Faster Time to Market

An all-in-one turnkey solution

Fine-Grained Security

A controlled and secure environment for research and production

Accelerated Analytics

Supporting both real-time and analytics pipelines in a single platform

Edge Deployment

Rapid response time with small footprint

Case Study – Telco Company

A major telco turned to iguazio to build a cyber security system. It was seeking a turnkey solution that would enable simple deployment and management of various apps and tools, has small footprint for edge deployment, processes and analyzes large data volumes and runs real-time analytics without building complex pipelines.


The Challenge

The main challenge faced by this telco was processing large amounts of data at the edge (in multiple locations) while maintaining high performance and a small footprint. It is impossible to achieve this with traditional complex pipelines. Time to market was very important and the telco was looking for an infrastructure that enables rapid development and deployment, so that its engineers could focus on the actual data science.

The Solution

iguazio provides a Unified Data Platform with built in popular machine learning tools, that enables the launch of new projects faster than ever before. Using the iguazio platform, this telco analyzed NetFlow data to identify abnormalities and ran both training and production models in one place. In the first stage, data scientists developed algorithmic models based on large data sets with H2O and ran them over Spark to detect cyber-attacks. Once the ideal model was developed, it was moved to an operational environment and performed against NetFlow data streams to detect abnormalities in real-time. The system was deployed at the edge in more than 70 different facilities, in order to analyze the data closer to its sources and boost response time.

The iguazio solution enabled easy ingestion, enrichment and analysis of data by supporting stream, objects, files and database records in a single platform. It accelerated the deployment of a variety of analytics services, eliminating data pipeline complexities and reducing time to insights.