The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies privacy laws which address the protection of citizens’ data privacy and the export of personal data outside the EU. These strict regulations pose unique challenges for companies operating in diverse verticals that are required to align if they wish to do business in Europe.

The common method for secure data protection and sharing today is expensive, long and inefficient. Companies duplicate the original data and clean it so that only authorized elements are revealed to the recipient. Eventually, the company holds the original data and distributes multiple copies that require expensive storage and lose their relevance by the time they reach their destination (up to weeks).


  • Secure data sharing with fine-grained multi-layered policies
  • Simplified architecture enabling easy access to data
  • Eliminating data copies and long ETL processes
  • Reduced storage costs




  • Strict security regulations: Security regulations are becoming more strict as the need to protect privacy is growing
  • Complex data pipelines: Current solutions require data copies and long ETL processes
  • Time: Secure data sharing with data copies can take up to weeks and data may not be relevant by the time it reaches its destination
  • Costs: Data copies require space that result in high storage expenses

Our Solution

Iguazio’s Unified Data Platform changes the paradigm of how data is stored with a simple and efficient architecture. The data store is based on a unique modeling concept where any type of data is stored in a normalized and search-optimized form just once and transformed on the fly, eliminating the need for copies, complex pipelines, and long ETL processes.

This means that customers can securely share data by providing access directly to it and not to copies. The same data is always accessed, but different users are exposed to different elements of it, according to predefined rules.

Granular security is only possible if data has structure and metadata and when identity and security are enforced end to end. The Iguazio data engine classifies data transactions with a built-in, data firewall that provides fine-grained policies to control access, service levels, multitenancy and data lifecycles. Organizations can enable data sharing and governance across apps and business units without compromising security or performance.