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MLOps NYC19 Conference to Promote the Standardization of Machine Learning Operations

Speakers from Google, Walmart, Netflix, Uber, Twitter, Microsoft, Bloomberg and more will convene in New York to improve machine learning automation of development and deployment

New York City, August 6th 2019 – Iguazio, the Data Science Platform for automating machine learning pipelines, today announced MLOps NYC19, a community-organized conference taking place September 24th in New York’s Hudson Mercantile. The MLOps Call for Proposals is open and early bird ticket sales end August 24th.

More than half of data science projects are not fully deployed, according to Gartner: “Many organizations struggle when it comes to systematically productizing machine learning results, as the production process is either overlooked or left solely to the DevOps team.”*

MLOps NYC19 will reflect the current state of machine learning operations with accomplished industry leaders sharing insights and experiences, such as Bill Groves (Walmart), Julie Pitt (Netflix), Karl Weinmester (Google), Brittany Wills (Twitter) and Josh Patterson (NVIDIA).

Attending MLOps NYC19 are data scientists, machine learning engineers and enterprise CTOs and CDOs, to participate in presentations and training sessions about:

  • AI in business applications
  • Kubeflow and MLSpec standardization
  • MLflow
  • Serverless in machine learning
  • Best practices for ML workloads
  • ML workflows for GPUs

“Machine learning is expanding from research and bleeding edge companies to any modern app,” said Yaron Haviv, Iguazio CTO. “Much like other software practices, the industry needs to define and adopt successful ML development and CI/CD patterns. MLOps NYC19 will drive collaboration to accelerate mainstream ML adoption, enabling portability and interoperability.”

Microsoft’s Head of Open Source Strategy, Azure Machine Learning and Kubeflow Co-Founder, David Aronchick said, “The number one challenge to harnessing the power of ML today is bringing models to production. To address this challenge and help speed the adoption of ML, Microsoft recently announced MLOps updates to Microsoft Azure Machine Learning that center on automating and managing the end-to-end machine learning lifecycle. We are proud to participate in the MLOps NYC19 conference and community to share our findings and collaborate on how best to help embrace the concepts and benefits of a cloud-native architecture for ML workload.”

Visit the MLOps NYC website today for early registration and to submit a presentation https://www.mlopsnyc.com/.

*Gartner, How to Operationalize Machine Learning and Data Science Projects, Erick Brethenoux et al., 3 July 2018

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