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Iguazio Partners with Pure Storage to Operationalize AI for Enterprises Taking a Production-First Approach

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Develop and Deploy AI Quickly and Efficiently with the Iguazio - AWS MLOps Solution

AWS Outposts Diagram

Iguazio and AWS partner to provide data scientists with the benefits of deploying AI quickly and efficiently using SageMaker and Iguazio’s Data Science platform, on AWS cloud or in a hybrid environment using AWS Outposts.

Now, you can finally enjoy all the benefits of working with AWS, the leading cloud provider, with an accelerated and automated way to deploy AI in hybrid environments, by utilizingthe tight integration between AWS SageMaker, AWS Outposts and the Iguazio Data Science platform. ML teams can leverage Iguazio’s approach to  MLOps on AWS infrastructure.

Benefit from automation, scale and real-time performance;  Deploy your AI application in weeks with a lean team.

SageMaker is a fully managed AWS service that provides data scientist a development environment that enables training models at scale and out-of-the-box integration with AWS services.

AWS Outposts is a fully managed service that allows you to run your workload on-premise, while enjoying the benefits of the same AWS infrastructure, services, API and tools available in the cloud.

The Iguazio Data Science Platform enables you to develop, deploy and manage AI applications at scale and in real-time.

Two ways for data scientists to benefit from the tight integration of the Iguazio AWS MLOps solution:

  1. Develop models on SageMaker and deploy them quickly and at scale on the Iguazio Data Science platform on AWS cloud
  2. Develop models the Iguazio Data Science platform and deploy them on AWS Outposts for a fully hybrid experience


  • End-to-end pipeline automation, allowing data scientists to describe the workflow and deploy at scale with a single command.
  • A real-time multi-model data layer, offering latency close to in-memory databases at the cost of SSD storage.
  • Seamless hybrid deployment – On AWS Cloud and Outposts
  • Work in one production-ready environment, with integrated services to develop and deploy data science at scale and in real-time, eliminating the need to configure or ‘glue’ services together.

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