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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Simplify SageMaker and Automate your AI Pipeline with the Iguazio and AWS MLOps Solution


Iguazio and AWS partner to provide enterprises with the benefits of developing on SageMaker and deploying AI quickly, efficiently and seamlessly using Iguazio’s MLOps platform as a fully integrated solution.  

Enable real-time use cases, deploy on AWS cloud or in a hybrid environment using AWS Outposts and make your AI process fast, repeatable and reproducible with end-to-end orchestration of all MLOps components.

Enjoy all of the benefits of working with AWS, the leading cloud provider, with an accelerated, automated and repeatable way to deploy AI, by utilizing the seamless integration between AWS SageMaker and the Iguazio MLOps platform. 

With Iguazio, data science and data engineering teams can integrate CI/CD across code, data and models and rapidly deploy scalable real-time ML pipelines to support advanced applications – while using the AWS tools and infrastructure they know and love – all in a simple, unified and fully automated solution.



  • Accelerate Deployment of AI: Reduce the complexities of getting AI to production at scale. Data scientists can leverage end-to-end pipeline automation to describe the workflow and deploy at scale with a single command.
  • Support Real-Time Use Cases: Ingest streaming data from any source, leverage the Iguazio real-time feature store as a data transformation service, generate real-time features and build scalable low-latency real-time applications. 
  • Deploy Anywhere: A single seamless experience to deploy your AI on AWS Cloud or Outposts.
  • Seamless Integration of the End-to-End MLOps Workflow: Work in one production-ready environment, with integrated services to develop and deploy data science at scale and in real-time, eliminating the need to configure or ‘glue’ services together.

Seamlessly integrates with:

  • Amazon SageMaker
  • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon Kinesis
  • AWS Outposts

Simplify and Accelerate MLOps with Iguazio & AWS

Iguazio’s MLOps Platform enables enterprises to accelerate and simplify AI deployment and management of ML in production. Find out more on the AWS Marketplace.

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