Iguazio and Seagate Simplify AI Deployments for Enterprises with Large-Scale Data


With the joint Seagate & Iguazio solution, enterprises with large scale data needs can now benefit from a simple, automated and cost-effective solution that spans all the way from storage to a fully orchestrated AI pipeline.

Iguazio brings AI/ML solution to Seagate Lyve™ Cloud, an S3-compatible object storage as a service. The joint solution provides a cost-effective way to develop, deploy, and manage AI applications at scale, especially for big data analytics use cases. Lyve Cloud and Iguazio accelerate the path to business value with AI and enable enterprises to activate their data directly. Together, both platforms allow organizations to seamlessly store and retrieve data in real-time to create automated ML pipelines.

With the Lyve Cloud – Iguazio solution, enterprises can:

  • Reduce spend on infrastructure costs by up to 70%, saving on heavy compute costs, simplifying complex infrastructure, and improving performance.
  • Seamlessly move and deploy data across public and private cloud environments, with zero egress or API charges.
  • Access data in real-time from anywhere—without costly delays for best data analytics results and AI/ML solutions.



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