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What is hyper-personalization in gen AI?

Gen AI has opened up new opportunities for segmentation and personalization. Access to real-time behavioral data and analytics allows catering to users based on what is appropriate for them at this given moment. Preferences can change for the same user during different moments, e.g preferring text at one moment and a call at another. With hyper-personalization, organizations can provide an accurate and high-quality user experience, building trust, enhancing customer loyalty and growing their revenue.

Hyper-personalization goes beyond the personalization techniques of the previous wave of AI, by understanding and catering to the nuances of individual preferences at a much higher scale. It represents a shift towards more intuitive, user-centric models of interaction, where services (like customer call centers) and content evolve along with the needs and desires of each user, enhancing user engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Using the insights gained from predictive modeling, generative AI systems can create or modify content, products, or services in real-time to match the individual needs of each user (to see an example of this, watch this demo of a call center agent co-pilot). 

 Hyper-personalization systems are dynamic, continuously learning from new data and user interactions. This allows the generative AI to refine its predictions and customizations over time, improving the relevance and accuracy of the personalized experiences it provides.

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