Telecoms aggregate huge volumes of data to address various needs throughout the value-chain. With Iguazio, they can leverage the data to generate actionable real-time insights for optimized network performance, fine-grained security and deep relationships with customers.

Network Optimization

The emergence of AI, real-time analytics and IoT is creating new opportunities for monitoring and visibility, enabling energy reduction, efficient use of resources and optimal quality control. Iguazio lets customers maximize network performance and eliminate service outages with real-time actionable insights. It correlates huge volumes of time-series and multivariant data from various sources, leverages the latest AI tools and eliminates data pipeline complexities so that customers constantly oversee and predict the ‘state of the plant’.

  • Processing high message throughput of time-series data at a rate of more than 50K events per sec
  • Cross correlating fresh data, network historical data and external relevant repositories in real-time
  • Anomaly detection, predictive maintenance and real-time actions with a variety of built-in machine learning tools
  • Flexible deployment across cloud, on-premises and edge with small footprint, to fit network locations


The Iguazio Continuous Data Platform provides deep visibility and control of security information and event management, including log management, identity and access-control and policy compliance tools, ensuring customers immediately detect and respond to threats. The platform drives real-time actionable insights from large volumes of fresh, historical and operational data, while leveraging the latest AI tools and eliminating data pipeline complexities at a fraction of the cost.

  • Real-time insights from multiple feeds such as Proxy, NetFlow and firewall logs correlated with known threat repositories
  • Real-time actions against cyber-attacks, as well as predictive analytics for prevention using built-in AI tools
  • Reduced costs with filtering, compression and aggregation capabilities, cutting storage pricing by 40%
  • Accelerated performance with search queries running on structured events, at least 10% faster than alternatives

Customer Behavior

Follow your customers across multiple systems, understand and predict their needs and interact with them accordingly in real-time, to increase conversions, maintain loyalty and reduce churn.

Iguazio ingests multiple sources of data such as clickstream and location, correlated with historical data in real-time. It leverages built in machine learning tools to detect behavior patterns and serves the insights with interactive dashboards, alerts and immediate actions influencing a dynamic customer journey.

  • High speed ingestion of customer data and enrichment with external data from multiple sources
  • Real-time correlation of fresh, historical and operational data for a deep understanding of customers
  • Advanced analytics on customer behavior, needs and wants with built-in machine learning tools
  • Real-time dashboards and immediate data-driven interaction with users across multiple channels