Machine Learning Overview

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are rapidly gaining popularity and adoption, as companies realize the unprecedented value of predictive analytics and calculated suggestions. Beyond the intriguing notion of artificial intelligence surpassing human performance, machine learning applications are reducing human intervention, cutting costs and increasing overall efficiency. However, discovering insights from ever-increasing amounts of data can be challenging, and many companies struggle with choosing the right tools to initiate projects.


  • An all-in-one turnkey solution
  • A secure environment for research and production
  • Secure sharing with peers for collaborative research
  • Accelerated analytics from exploration to production
  • Support for both real-time and analytics pipelines in a single platform


  • All-in-one solution: Building an environment that is suitable for training models and operational production
  • Transitioning to production: Smoothly moving models from training to production
  • Security: Sharing data securely during the research phase

Our Solution

The Iguazio Continuous Data Platform provides a turnkey solution to develop and deploy machine learning models. It comes with built-in essential applications: artificial intelligence and machine learning frameworks such as Spark, R and Tensorflow, orchestration tools like Docker and Kubernetes and a variety of bespoke serverless functions. The platform enables simultaneous access through multiple industry-standard APIs for streams, tables, objects and files that are all stored and normalized once, so that customers can launch new projects and then consume, share and analyze data faster.

By bridging the gap between development and operations, companies no longer deal with the complexity of moving workloads through different pipelines. Iguazio’s end-to-end turnkey solution allows users to run both training and production models in one platform, all closer to the data source.

In the training stage, data scientists run queries on large datasets to develop algorithmic models and securely share them with authorized users. When it’s time to put these models into production, Iguazio enables real-time processing of streaming data for rapid time to insights. Since machine learning models are built in containers, they are easily moved from development environments to operational environments.

The Iguazio platform delivers unmatched fine-grained security where data access or auditing can be enforced, using multi-layered network, identity, metadata or content-based policies.