Iguazio’ New Nuclio Release Enables Serverless Agility for Enterprises Deploying Real-Time Intelligent Applications

Leading open source serverless framework now includes capabilities that enable faster end-to-end enterprise and IoT deployments with reduced operational complexity

SERVERLESS NYC, NEW YORK – October 30, 2018Iguazio, the Continuous Data Platform for real-time intelligent applications, today announced the release of a new version of Nuclio, the fastest fully integrated multi-cloud, on prem and edge enterprise serverless platform.

Nuclio is already powering real-time intelligent operation management applications for financial institutions, telcos, transportation and manufacturing companies. Some examples include:

  1. Predicting and eliminating network latencies in electronic trading platforms to guarantee continuous trading.
  2. Predicting network failures, outages and cyber-attacks in robust telco operations, enabling proactive problem resolution.
  3. Real-time stockout predictions for intelligent supply chain applications.
  4. Predictive maintenance and corrective actions for real-time smart manufacturing.

Nuclio gains enterprise capabilities when running on the Iguazio platform across all these use cases. It enables rapid development in the cloud alongside deployment at the edge for IoT, retail and manufacturing, delivering real-time analytics closer to the sources of data.

“Nuclio is the first open, fast, enterprise-ready, ‘everywhere’ serverless framework,” said Iguazio’s CTO, Yaron Haviv. “This new version represents the second generation of serverless, taking usability, data integration and performance to the next level. We bring the serverless vision to enterprise applications and an end-to-end alternative over slower and cloud-specific solutions. Users seeking alternatives can now avoid tedious integration of point solutions.”

New features in this Nuclio release include:

  • Security: authentication, authorization, data security, “dark-site” and offline deployment
  • Persistent functions: with real-time access to the Iguazio DB and file system
  • Stream processing: improved Kafka support with dynamic load-balancing and checkpoints
  • Developer velocity and CI/CD: integration with GitHub for function store and versioning, extended SDK, templates and examples
  • Data-science and AI: development and testing in Jupyter notebooks with automated function deployment, as well as native integration with popular data science and data processing frameworks
  • Enterprise ops: logging to external systems, monitoring, LDAP/active-directory support
  • Edge and IoT: support for MQTT and distributed development/deployment models
  • Native integration with Iguazio’s data platform services for real-time time-series analytics

“Serverless is a revolution in application development, and therefore cannot be limited to a single product or cloud,” said Stu Miniman, Senior Analyst at Wikibon and a host on theCUBE. “Users live in a rapidly changing multi-cloud world; they need secure solutions that can integrate into their existing environments. Iguazio’s open source platform Nuclio is built to help span across multiple cloud providers and on premises solutions.”

Nuclio is an open source serverless framework with a growing community of developers from the cloud native ecosystem who use it to simplify operational challenges from ingestion to action and from development to deployment. Powered by Iguazio’s Continuous Data Platform, Nuclio provides end-to-end serverless agility in enterprise and real-time applications.

Iguazio announced and will demonstrate this new version at its flagship conference, Serverless NYC. Information about the conference live cast is available at

About Iguazio

The Iguazio Continuous Data Platform digitally transforms businesses by analyzing data from a variety of sources and types to create actionable insights. Through its platform, Iguazio simplifies the development and deployment of high-volume, real-time, data-driven applications across public clouds, edge and on-premises environments. Iguazio’s customers operate in a wide range of industries such as IIoT, smart mobility, telco, financial services and cyber security. Backed by top VCs and strategic investors, the company is led by serial entrepreneurs and a diverse team of seasoned innovators in the USA, UK, Singapore and Israel.